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Over 2000 US Marines have settled in US embassy in ISB & 5000 more are expected. They have bought 18acres of land from CDA near AQ Khan research Labortries. Their real target are our nuclear assets!

The US Terrorist army ‘Black Water’ New name Ze has bought land in shabqadar near charssada. This is exactly what they did in Iraq before invading it. Maybe they all are there with the related of Lisa Rais statement ‘We have emergency plan for Pakistan atomic plant & we cant announce it now’

Unfortunately our Govt is their slave. Intelligence agencies are sleeping and our media is not high lighting this news not playing its real role. If we can force government to take tax back on SMS so here as well. So please share this message to everyone & let have Pakistani know what is happening in our Pakistan. Wakeup Nation Wakeup before someone sold our freedom to others.

Some incidents which already happened in ISB & Peshawar.

1.American consulate general accepted that they got 200 houses on rent

2.Around 700 members of Black water already reside in Isb & peshawar & they behave with locals like owner of these area

3.25th august 2009 Near Peshawar more Police stopped the car, 4 americans with weapons Inside the car they said they belong to black water Police arrested send them Margalla police station, Within few min Retired Army officer Capt ejaz, SP Aftab reach there with Consulate person Incharge of Police station resist but those Pakistanis were threaten them and release 4 americans

4. 3 Americans badly treated Mr.Mohsin Bukhari in Abpara chowk his mistake that he parked his car near them.

5.An American guard used bad language with Pakistan Police officers, Its normal incidents now a days in isb and peshawar

6.A Journalist asked a person of American consulate. Did american allowed to move with weapons in the city?He said YES if we have permission

7.Latest weapons & well equipped Cars already released from PORT QASIM. Black Water new name is ZE, They reside in 6 cities of Pakistan now

8.Mirza Aslam Baig said that Triple One brigade work now done by Black Water & around 1000 member of Black water arriving soon


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