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World Record for Most People Singing Pakistan's National Anthem


The most people singing a national anthem simultaneously is 104,637 and was achieved at an event organised by The Art of Living Foundation (India) where participants sang ‘Vande Mataram,’ India’s National Anthem, in Pune, India, on 12 January 2010.

We contacted Guinness world record team that we are planning to break above mention record, We didn’t confirm them a Date & Time. So once we receive positive response from those people who are willing to join hand with us to break this record than we will announce the Date & Time.

Till now we agreed on 14th august 2011. So guys/gals lets show your unity & lets break this record together.

The Whole Nation of Pakistan invited in that EVENT including DIGITAL, PRINT MEDIA, Corporate & Private Sector. Help us to decide the VENUE where around 110000 people can be easily accomodated as well as help us to gather people who are interested to attend that event.

Join us on FACEBOOK EVENT Invite all your friends. This event can also become a record of “most people to attend a facebook event”


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  1. Kanwal 1 June, 2011 at 18:51 Reply

    All the best. Inshaa Allah we will be able to make a new world record… But the only thing constantly bothering me, since I saw your thread on facebook, is the security issue. May Allah protect us and save us from enemy actions.

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