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Woman effected By Woman in so called men dominate society.


Yesterday morning when I woke up and saw Bashira Khala (a lady who has been working at our home for the last 13yrs) crying and telling something to my wife. I asked my wife that what happened, She told me that her brother’s daughter is missing for the last 6 days, She was working in a flat at Badar commercial Area with 2 ladies for the last 2months, A week earlier the woman who hired Bashira Khala’s niece called her home that they are shifting to another place so visit their home on Sunday so that they can go together to a new place for cleaning and dusting.

They reached there on Sunday but the flat was locked. They asked people downstairs and the people informed them that they left on Friday. Upon this information they got upset and started searching that family. By chance they found a person who helped that family in shifting and dropping their furniture at their new place. He guided them to new place but he refused to help them more. They went upstairs and asked that family about their daughter, they said that she left home while they were shifting and she also took some jewelry & handsome amount with her. They enquired that family that why did they launch a complaint against her and why they didn’t call them. That family did not answer them anything.

After that they went at DHA Darakshan Police station and talked with the SHO whose name is Amjad, He sent some policemen with them to that flat, They reached there and searched that family’s flat but they could not recover her, One store room was locked and when asked about that the lady answered that they don’t have key of store room. They came downstairs but policemen were upstairs for some time and afterwards when they came downstairs they said that they are very nice family don’t blame them and your daughter have definitely run away with someone.

They again reached at Police station & sat there the whole day, Finally SHO went there with them for investigation but he went upstairs alone & when he came downstairs he said that their daughter is not here, search her somewhere else & don’t involve this family in that case. They do not have any other option to use so Bashira Khala told my wife the whole incident.

After hearing the incident, I went their home & met with all family members as I said that I know that family since 13yrs & lots of family member working at relative’s homes. Then I visited that old area where that family lived, its 4C, Badar Commercial Street 8, they were 2 ladies Samina & Nasima, I asked few Shopkeepers about them they said that these ladies activities were not good & unknown people visited their flat frequently. Then I went Nishat Commercial where they shifted. Its 17c, Lane 9, I tried to meet with these ladies but they didn’t open their door, After meeting & discussing everything with all I went to Darakhshan Police Station, SHO was not there, His assistant gave me his no, I called & asked about her, His very first sentence was sir why you are involving yourself in that case its clear story that girl ran away with her boyfriend & you don’t know these sirayiki families they are used to do that, I asked that how could you say it without any investigation & how could you say that all sirayiki families are same. He said that they these ladies are innocent & they were very upset as they lost their jewelry & money.

Few question in my mind & I didn’t get the answer yet,

1. Shopkeepers told me that while they were shifting we saw that girl with them but these ladies saying that she left our home while we are shifting.
2. These ladies saying that she left at 7am but when I asked with Gatekeeper he said that he locked the door late night then open it in the morning at 9am.
3. When her family reached that ladies new flat they said that she is missing since 4days but in front of SHO she said that since tomorrow she is missing.
4. If she is missing since 4days then why she didn’t call her family why not she didn’t launch complaint in police station to recover her & their stuff, Why not they didn’t reach her parents’ house to recover her & their stuff.


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