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Why True Pakistani Loves Pakistan?


If you are a Pakistani Parent, a Pakistani Teacher or Professor or anyone else who has a responsibility to guide the future generations of Pakistan, then i beg you to transmit the message of this video to our younger generations as much as you can. There is a need to convey the importance and the value of this great gift of Pakistan which is given to us by our elders after crossing an ocean of Fire and sword. Nobody had given us this Pakistan on a plate, our forefathers had snatched the blessings of liberty from the jaws of slavery for us.

Today it looks very easy to sit in an Air conditioned room and point out the problems of Pakistan one by one without doing an effort to solve them out. In my opinion just taking birth in Pakistan is not good enough reason to entitle yourself as a Pakistani. This is not just a nationality, this is the name of a title, honor and respect which could only be achieved after deserving it.

Our elders left their everything to call themselves a Pakistani, what we have done till now???? Think please !!!

Today if you hold the right to call yourself a Pakistani. Then Never betray this holy land, This Pak sar zameen

So that on the day of Judgement you could safe yourself from Humiliation in frount of it’s Martyrs and ALLAH the Almighty…. Pakistan Zindabad


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  1. neel123 28 December, 2009 at 01:42 Reply

    1. This mother fu**er does not talk of the three times more Hindus and Shikhs slaughtered by the muslims, and sent by train loads.

    2. This mother fu**er does not talk of why there are more muslims living in India today, than in Pakistan.

    3. What this mother fu**er is trying to achieve by raising this issue today, after 62 years … ?

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