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When Govt will start think as Independent Decision Making Body


Lies, Cheating, Fake Proofs, Deception , thats what Rulers have always been doing so what to expect from them now? They want to cheat us again. We know Raymond Davis does not have any immunity according to any law, Vienna Convention 61 or 63, Pakistani Laws or US Laws. This is 100 % Fact. Suppose if we accept the Immunity then what is the worth of Two Pakistani Citizens shot by him and one who was hit and drove over by US Consular Vehicle. And the Wife Faheem suicide because Government wanted to settle the issue outside the court and pressurized the grieved family to accept the Khoon Baha and forgive Raymond Davis. I want to know when Govt of Pakistan will start think as Independent Decision Making Body. They will never. Because they are sold and feet licker of USA


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