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What you did for Pakistan? What Pakistan did for you?


What you did for Pakistan?

1. If you’re a student and devoted yourself to your studies. Got good grades and achieved your goals as a student, then you’re doing a great service to Pakistan.

2. If you’re doing a job and doing your duties honestly and pro actively to benefit your organization with your skills and/or educational qualifications, then you’re doing excellent service to Pakistan.

3. As a citizen of Pakistan if you voice for your rights and human rights, and watch your leadership to make it difficult for the corrupt people to misuse their authority. If you criticize them when they do illegal things or play with the law and constitution of Pakistan or when they damage the national institutions for their personal needs, then your doing the best service to Pakistan.

What Pakistan did for you?

1. If you get enough opportunities to get good kind of education, medical health, and other facilities then Pakistan has done a lot for you.

2. If you get adequate opportunities to apply your skills or educational qualifications to benefit yourself and your organization, then Pakistan has done a lot for you.

3. If you get enough compensation from your job so that you can easily pay for your rent, utility bills, groceries, clothing, educational expenses for your children, medical expenses for your family, and other important routines, then Pakistan has done great for you.

By Azeem Wyne


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