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We have a long way to go!


Once the youth asked Quaid Azam to give a call for street protests and street processions. Quaid replied ”
If I ask untrained youth to come on the streets, then I will not be a leader but a criminal”!! He built an ideological movement on spiritual message of Iqbal, created a nation then led them to Pakistan through fire and sword! Sabr! We have a long way to go! Do not lose control!

Have you read the most acclaimed book ever written on Quaid-e-Azam Mohemmed Ali Jinnah.”Secular Jinnah: what the nation doesn’t know” by Saleena Karim?

In 2005, Saleena Karim raised controversy when she proved that a famous quote of M.A. Jinnah used in Chief Justice Munir’s From Jinnah to Zia (1979) was a fake. In this much-anticipated sequel to Secular Jinnah, *
the author provides an in-depth analysis of the ‘Munir quote’ and its extraordinary influence over those who argue for a ‘secular Jinnah’. Containing independent and original research spanning five years, her book presents a compelling case for a Jinnah who was neither a secularist, nor a religionist, nor even a product of secular-Islam synthesis. This comprehensive work includes discussions on:

Jinnah’s ‘ideological’ conversion
Iqbal’s intellectual influence
The real meaning of the Two-Nation Theory
The Lahore Resolution as a ‘deferred’ partition demand
The Cabinet Mission Plan
The Objectives Resolution of 1949
Academic misconstruction of Jinnah
PLUS exclusive never-before-published research:

Account of the first and devastating use of the Munir quote in the Constituent Assembly debates of 1954
The untold story of the Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2006 to make the 11 August 1947 speech a substantive part of the Pakistani constitution (includes correspondence between S. Karim and late M.P. Bhandara)
The most authoritative, definitive, and well researched book on Jinnah. A must read book for the pakistani nation



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