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War against terror what Pakistan gain and loss?


As per Pakistan Institute of peace studies an only Islamic atomic power Pakistan’s 8000 citizen and army officers killed in terrorist attacks. According to that institute around 2148 terrorist activities happened in 2008 & because of these terrorist activities around 6825 are victims, 2267 were killed and liters get retarded and their lives are miserable for them As per news agencies in 2008 around 967 people killed by suicide bombers, Injured and disabled persons were exceed for 2000. Around the country there are 63 suicide bomber attacks, maximum attacks were in NWFP that was around 32. In those attacks around 1000 people were killed or injured. In Punjab around 10 attempts by suicide bombers in which 201 were killed and 580 were injured, In Fata 16 terrorist activities in which 263 were killed and 497 were injured.

A per Pakistan institute of peace beside these terrorist activities around 3187 were killed and 2267 were injured in operational attacks in 2008 and In 2006 around 907 were killed by terrorist activities and 1543 were injured. In 2007 terrorist activities deaths exceed to the limit and 3448 were killed.

If we combined all these attacks and operations including drown attacks by USA then its almost deaths are 8000 and injured peoples exceed to more than 10000. As per all these reliable information our lose is more than Iraq and Afghanistan war victims but USA just worried about 9/11 incident and india worried about 150 people who were killed in Mumbai attacks.

Now after all these information just tell me that Pakistan as a frontline country of war against terror our causalities more than any NATO countries and our all borders are unsafe, Just because of this so called war against terror our economic condition going to be worst and worst but still we get the messages that DO MORE. Why we are not able to stop ourselves to involve that war why we suffer even it’s not our war. All the time someone come from USA or any other European country and tell us that what to do and how to do, We don’t have guts to face them that Excuse me sir now stop we do a lot but we didn’t get anything and now it’s enough. Now the time that we focus on our country and just stop that involve our country on this war because we are fight with unknown/ Unnamed enemy just USA tell us that these ALQaida or Taliban but before 9/11 everything is ok and our all province are in peace.


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