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Vultures Over Pakistan


The following article, written by Paul A. Drockton, verifies what I have mentioned in my last article, “Time Square Bomb – to attack Pakistan..?” published in the Frontier Post on 14 May,2010, that the US+NATO and India preparing to attack on Pakistan in Sep or Oct-2010 as by then these countries would have completed the planning and deployment of troops, the additional 37,000 troops arriving in June, 2010 as well, on our eastern and western borders.

The three US naval fleets had already been shifted from the Persian Gulf to the Arabian waters last year which was the first sign of their decision at Washington and Pentagon and a part of planning to attack on Pakistan, upon which I drew attention of our rulers in one of my articles.

They will take us by surprise so that we may NOT be able to prepare ourselves and also deploy the Nukes accordingly. Our rulers are busy in their ‘interests’ and will run helter skelter to run out of the country to save themselves and their families, probably, using PIA chartered flights from Islamabad to Dubai as from there they may go to their ‘palaces’ in Europe and the UK, leaving the Awaam at their own for whom they came shedding crocodile tears in 2007 and grabbed the ‘power houses’ in Islamabad, in the name of the so-called ‘Democracy’.



  1. neel123 10 June, 2010 at 19:18 Reply

    @ Abid Beli,

    You Pakistani fuckers…. stop bragging about your nukes……… the Americans know well about Pakistan’s nuclear bluff ……… when it comes to using nukes, you Pakistanis will shit in your pants, because after that there will be no Pakistan on the face of the earth ………. !

    It is time you Pakis come out of denial, or get ready to be bombed back to the stone age …….. !

  2. Osama Motiwala 10 June, 2010 at 19:49 Reply

    @neel123: I as a Pakistani respect what you say. But your perception is totally wrong. I don’t want to start abusing you here because we Pakistani’s are taught to respect others 🙂 And talking about Nukes, time will tell who shits in his pants 🙂 If you want to talk further drop me an email and we can talk there.

    Osama Motiwala

  3. Farhan Shaikh 10 June, 2010 at 20:02 Reply

    Brother Relax u sopund very very sad i m not gona abuse or anything i think u need a hug tell someone to give u a hug and i m sure u will feel batter 🙂

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