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Vulgar TVC of Veet – Need to stop Immediately – Consumer Voice


On 17th May 2011, A person from Consumer Action Committee email to Semera & Tauseef, They both are in Marketing Department of Reckitt Benckiser group Marketing Department with the subject of Subject: Vulgar TVC of Veet – Need to stop Immediately – Consumer Voice.

He wrote in his email that { “I am glad to see that at least some people are awaking in this country. My feelings are same as mentioned by “Struggle Against Vulgarity” group expressed. I fail to understand why today’s marketers are using vulgarity and nudity to promote their brands just to earn some money and improved their KRAs.

Positioning is very important & plays vital role in marketing, but it doesn’t’ mean in battle of marketing you are allowed to damage the core of society based on ” Sharm-o-Hya” which is essential for both the genders.

If you people have no problem with this stuff, OK keep it & limited it to yourself, we have no problem, but kindly don’t try to impose on us.

RB can fight to its competitors to take market share but Please don’t put your guns against our culture, society, values & norms.

PLEASE don’t try to earn some coins at the cost of mass destruction of norms of our society.

Have you ever read and I believed that you have read this verse

“Verily, those who love that indecency should spread among the believers deserve a painful chastisement in the world and in the Hereafter. Allah knows, but you do not know. (Al Noor: 19)”

You can say this is Mulla’s slogan but the fact is that it’s Allah All mighty clear instructions. One can say You are a male and you are not the intended target audience but I am a husband and a father also. I can convince my wife and others to stop buying Veet uptill or unless You should stop that vulgar, indecent, unethical TVC of Veet.

Hope, you understand our position and will immediately stop that vulgar ad you brought from India. Indian / Hindu / Western culture is unacceptable for us }

He didn’t get any reply from RB group Then he send another email on 5th June 2011 with the same subject & message was { “We requested you in very peaceful manner to stop that vulgar ad, but we are observing a fresh campaign from today in various channels. Which is very irritating & disturbing?

Now, we believe that you have no respect of “consumer voice”. You are working on foreign agenda of spreading vulgarity amongst Muslims of Pakistan. This will not continue any more. At your website telephone no. of your office & address is present.

We are once again requesting you to “STOP THAT VULGAR AD”
Otherwise we will bring this issue in media, blogs & other resources to whom we can work.” }

Till Now Consumer Action Committee didn’t get a single reply from RB, So they requested to all bloggers to launch a campaign againt Veet relaunch of obscene ad & create some pressure on these vulgarity loving people, it’s a little contribution from myside. I request to all other bloggers to do the same.


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  1. Saeed 18 October, 2013 at 20:03 Reply

    Thank you Abid for your efforts.
    Simply its vulgarity, but all of us are silently watching and absorbing this trend.
    People are afraid to openly condemn this vulgarity since they fear of being called EXTREMIST, NARROW MINDED, CONSERVATIVE etc…
    We should realize the fact that our media is slowly but aggressively injecting filthy ideologies on us.
    Its a complete propaganda against us. WAKE UP my people before its too late.
    This is against Pakistani culture, its against our religion. You may call me extremist, narrow minded but i know you are the one suffering from inferiority complex, not us.
    Nudity is not our culture, wake up before its too late……..Wake up

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