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Update about "small step to remove poverty from Pakistan"


After write a blog on Tribune & I Own Pakistan I got so many positive & negative comments & messages & after these negative comments i decide to work on that project & give atleast one successful model in karachi city so we did survey of different (15) traffic signals, We got the response from kids that they earn average Rs.150 to Rs.200/- per day In the morning Beggards kids stayed on signals & After 5 o clock other team arrived with different stuff to sell or with vipers to clean car wind screens, They said that sometime police came & sometime arrest them for few hours or some time steal their whole amount which they earn, Only McDonald (Tariqroad) Chowrangi kids said that 4 young guys came at 4 or 5 o clock & they take Rs.100 from each kid if anyone give them negative response then they beat them & steal their whole money.

We receive very positive response from these kids & they all willing to get education as well as want to do some work. I will upload survey file on my blog. Today we also meetup with Zindagi trust people to get the experience from them that which kind of problem they faced in past.

Now inshallah we will get permission for one traffic signal & will implement on our idea & give a model or pilot project to whole nation & prove it everyone that this idea is workable. Average 9 kids or young boys working on one signal & if their average income Rs.200/- then its Rs.1800 for one day exps & We admit them in The Citizen Foundation School or Zindagi Trust School as they willing to give them education without charge any penny. Now total cost for one month is Rs.55800/- & for their Uniforms & Shoes cost is around Rs.18000 which is maybe we need twice in a year.

Now If Govt allow us to implement this idea on any traffic signal even if DHA allow us to do that then we can work their & make that traffic signal beautiful with company brand (who sponsor that signal) & we can offer Walls, Nestle, Pepsi, Cococola, Olpers or any consumer brand & offer them to sell their products on that specific signal & we use this amount on those kids or young guys who work on that signal.

Now i need team to make this project complete its my request that if you guys join us because it can be successful with team work its not possible to done alone.

At the end i am thankful to Omer, Ahhad & Shakeel for help me to do survery & done the meetup with Zindagi trust.



  1. fiza 29 July, 2010 at 00:18 Reply

    wow that might be small but its a very significant step towards removing poverty and our country’s betterment 🙂 May Allah help u with ur work 🙂

  2. Sana Samad Khan 5 August, 2010 at 02:13 Reply

    Please Sir Abid update me on my e-mail and its a marvellous job you are doing. I wish I could help but I am only 16, not living in Karachi and doing my 1st year. I live in Muzaffarabad but I am sure you can think of a way in which I can help. Please let me know and I am really proud of you. I almost lost hope of people like you but you are doing a magnificent job. Please let me know soon, I’ll be waiting…

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