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Umeed Seher (By Laal Group)



These video is very near to my heart voice and i think its every Pakistani hearts voice. From now through my group I Own Pakistan on facebook i am starting a campaign to stop this nonsense in my country and because of any vip or vvip movement no one stop my any country man. Each and every single person should stop on signal if its red either he is president of Pakistan.



  1. Hina Akhtar 8 April, 2009 at 06:50 Reply

    This is one of the most beautiful videos i have seen in a long time – The feeling of helplessness of one individual which is unfortunately a common emotion in our public today needs to be lifted through the spirit of unity!

    Please keep posting more of these and make us all wake up for our beautiful country – PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!!!

  2. Usman 7 June, 2009 at 17:05 Reply

    I like Laal group for many reasons, I am living abroad and searching to get the songs on CD or net. Could any one help me how to get them.
    Thank you and God bless Pakistan.

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