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Truth Behind Attack on Malala Yousuf Zai


Malala incident was obviously an act of terrorism un islamic but i consider it as a part of a plan to pave way for operation in wazirastan against the haqqani network who are pro Pakistan & Fighting against USA

Most of Tv Anchors saying that their is no GOOD or Bad Taliban so in other words now they want us to fight the real Taliban who are doing Jihad

Our Political leadership & sadly Top military leadership sold on that issue

Apart from this due to Recent film against islam in USA we saw that religious parties plus common Muslim Pakistani were unite on that issue, Obviously the secular parties didn’t like this they had gone on defensive & out of news for few days

After that issue the Seculars are again unite & on aggresive mode & religious have gone on defensive the unity & possesiveness that were formed due to Namoos e Risalat issue has now been forgotten

So in short to pave way for Wazirastan operation against Good Taliban & to force to religious elements to go on defensive this Game was done, its so obvious from everything specially how media is working plus if you people analyze the statement of Top leadership of our Country

In Malala’s diary she Asked USA to come & do operation that is simply stupidity, I mean a Girl in Swat writes up a diary & they didn’t know the situation there & now they came to save them because little girl asks them, If today we write to USA that come & save us from target killing or we write to our Army to save us from Target Killing, Will they come & start operation?

Apart from Malala was living a life of ordinary Pakistani girl going to school or college was she surronded by USA Army or Pak Army for her protection? NO. She was such an easy target why wasn’t she targeted earlier swat operation was done few years ago?

Why targeted now? Why the so called Anti USA elements would target her today? Its sadly our Govt Plus the USA itself involved

Now if our Army really fights the real Taliban than its a very sad situation & its means there will be revolts in Army

If there is revolt in Army its mean Pakistan getting weak, Americans agenda get even more stronger their agenda to Destablize Pakistan to show the world that Pakistan a failed state so we need to control to Nuclear Assets of Pakistan.


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