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Today Meeting of I Own Pakistan Group


I started group on facebook with the name of I Own Pakistan on 18th October 2008, Till 18th April 2009 863 people join that group. 29th March i started a campaign ‘Create awareness for Unjust vip or vvip movements in Pakistan. Its basically belongs to road blocking when our vip or vvip people moves on road of Pakistan and just because of that movements lots of citizens suffer for 10min to half n hours.

Around 243 people click on attending that campaign meeting which is held on 19th april 2009. Today on meeting day just 6people attend that meeting yes no doubt they all are very patriotic and very ambitious and we had lots of discussion and decide that we will report all anti Pakistan videos on Youtube and report all anti Pakistan pages on facebook.

I am so happy that atleast after 7months 6 person are willing to work with me on that cause. Member who attend that meeting Sadia Abid, Ayesha Anis, Sheikh Naveed, Yasir, Hasan, Saeed khan abbasi



  1. Raja,Viqar Ullah Khan 19 April, 2009 at 18:21 Reply

    i suggest you that take stand against VIP culture.It will have wider impact (VIP movement will cover in the subject)

  2. Saeed Khan Abbasi 19 April, 2009 at 19:33 Reply

    Congrats to u and Bhabhi on this success as seven are even thousands for us, am with you in my humble capacity up to my extnt whatever I can do for this group and cause. So nice of you that you offered a very pleasant and nice hospitality to us on this meeting. Thanks to Ayesha, Naveed, Yasir and Hasan too.

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