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Time comes that we should talk with USA officials Face to Face


Time comes that we should talk with USA Face to Face and force them to stop drown attacks on Pakistan otherwise stop their supplies from Pakistan.

Our leaders need to say truth with the nation of Pakistan now They are not telling us true picture and just because of that we all are confuse and blind that what’s happening Just imagine USA Minister Mr.’s Clinton appealed to nation of Pakistan to come outside and help us to stop Talibanaization.

Rehman malik blamed on INDIA, RUSSIA AND Afghanistan but he don’t have guts to blame USA AND UK. Pakistan’s stuck in International conspiracy and behind that conspiracy USA is on Main role.

Mr.Zardari not able to talk with face to face because he come on the basis of deal but still its enough now our all leaders Zardari, Gillani, Sharif’s, Syed Munawar Hussain, Fazlur Rehman, Asfandiyar wali, mahmood khan achakzai, Altaf Hussain (he should come to Pakistan now) and all they sit on table with islamic scholars and do the best for Pakistan.

Musharraf involve us in war against terror which is against islam clearly specially for Pakistan because whenever peace agreement done USA always discourage it even destroy it. Naik Muhammad deal with Army in VANA but within one week USA missile attack on Madressa in Bajour and 80 innocent kids were killed that attack just done before 5hours of peace agreement which is between Governor of NWFP & Local Taliban.

Then another mistake done by Musharraf to attack on LAL Masjid and killed lots of students and we invite suicide bombers after that attack, You know Students watch lal masjid videos in their madressa and make up their mind for suicide attack on Pak army and nation of Pakistan because they think that we are against of ISLAM and love USA.

If we need to settled things then first we need to strongly protest drowns attack if USA not agreed then we should stop supplies to NATO Forces. Then strictly condemn Aid with terms & condition. Arrest Musharraf immediately and file a case against him for LAL MASJID, Akbar BUGTI, Get the dollars against delivery of Pakistan’s CITIZEN, Through this step we can reduce angriness in the nation of Pakistan because if we give him VVIP Protocol then Baloch and Taliban don’t be stop.

We should talk with Americans straight forward that who support Taliban & Baloch liberation army, Who appreciate Barahmdag Bugti, How could India open more than 16 consulate in Afghanistan and why USA Officials again & again criticize our atomic plant, our army and ISI.



  1. Laker 24 April, 2009 at 14:59 Reply

    Your problem in Pakistan is not the USA. It’s the Taliban. If you keep blaming others for your problems, the Taliban will take over. The Pakistani military needs to do something. You cannot appease the Taliban. They have not laid down their weapons in Swat like they said they would. They are not trustworthy. They will conquer Pakistan. It’s time for Pakistani military to fight. The threat is not the USA, it’s not India, it is the militants.

  2. abidbeli 24 April, 2009 at 15:36 Reply

    Excuse me sir so you want to say you people are trust worthy? Since 9/11 did you know how many militants and innocents people killed in Pakistan just because of this so called war against terror?

    Before 9/11 we were happy in our country and our all areas are open for us but just because our one idiot leader our 70% areas are no go areas.

    its time to stop ourselves to involve in that war against terror because its not Pakistan war so Pakistani military should stop that battle against their muslim brothers its time to give strong message to USA to stop drowns attack in Pakistan and its our inner issues so we can tackle it by our own self

  3. Laker 24 April, 2009 at 17:01 Reply

    How will it resolve by itself? The militants have already shown that they will advance, that their goal is Shariah in all of Pakistan and that they will break peace agreements. The US may not be helpful, but that’s irrelevant now. The crisis is at hand in Pakistan, and Pakistan needs to deal with it. Under former circumstances, it wouldn’t matter to the rest of the world. It should be up to Pakistanis to determine their destiny as long as it doesn’t affect everyone else. However, since Pakistansecretly and against international law developed nuclear weapons, the Pakistan problem now involves the whole world. Militants have shown they have no morals; they will blow up the themselves, anyone else or the whole world if they could. They care not for Islam but for power. They will rule by fear, not love of Allah. That is the future if Pakistan doesn’t act.

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