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The opportunity of improving your life style & help yourself


Pakistan facing stiff challenges for its upcoming Economic Growth, the problem had been identified and discussed in different Economical Forums. But yet the cumulative intelligentsia couldn’t find fruitful result for eradication of Poverty & improving Economic growth of Pakistan.

I OWN PAKISTAN, invites you with the opportunity of improving your life style & help yourself with earning enough to provide basic necessity of your family`s need. During the intense recession phase where developed nations caught unprepared against the World Wide Recession economic decline, triggered by the fall out of American & European Market. This recession had also impacted Pakistani Markets & Pakistani masses had suffered from un-employment, food price hike & fall out in Industrial & Agriculture growth.

I OWN PAKISTAN, invites you with vigilant Business Model of transforming your today to kick-off a beautiful & progressive future. This is a real time effort & I OWN PAKISTAN wish to encourage young entrepreneur to come forward & provide growth & market space with in Pakistani Consumers.

We wish in knowing your interest, as we have prominent ideas to encourage speedy Business & Employment. Looking forward to know your interest & hear your profile of experience. Kindly note that we invite the whole of Pakistan; both the Rural & Urban People are invited in knowing & meeting our Revolutionary Business ordeals.

Email your name & city name with your contact details at & we will send you complete details of that project


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