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The Need of a Major Change (A Brand New Political Party with Brand New Leaders


1. Pakistan has been quietly attacked from all sides. The aim of the attackers, led by the worst enemies of Islam, is quite clear but the response of our leaders and decision makers is ambiguous. In reality we are passing through a worst time in all respects, but sadly enough it appears to be a routine matter for our present helpless and spineless political leaders. We have been watching such a dismal performance of our leaders for too long now after Quaid-i-Azam. It is because of them that we are suffering under the perpetual corrupt system of governance and justice for the last 62 years. We are just fed up from years of blatant white lies, deceit, hypocrisies, injustices, mismanagements, incompetence, criminal negligence, character failings, corruption and plunder of national resources by our political leaders and managers. Worst of all, we have been compromising on the vital national interests for self gains and for the interests of foreign powers; we have been ignoring the genuine legal and constitutional rights of our people, and above all endangering our sovereignty and integrity.

2. Look ! What is happening today? It is the logical result of the above stated scenario. We are fighting American’s war since 2001 and have destroyed our peace and tranquility in the entire country. We have suffered tremendous human and material losses for no gains whatsoever. India, USA, Israel, puppet regime of USA in Afghanistan and others have attacked us from all sides and through all possible angles. Israeli’s planned, Indian’s trained/equipped/financed, and American’s supported terrorists are terrorizing Pakistan from all over but none in our governments is exposing and countering this international conspiracy. No one is even talking about it except the media as if all of them have been purchased by foreign powers. The Parliament is subservient to the whims of just a few. The USA is being allowed to interfere in our affairs openly. The American embassy in Islamabad now is the biggest in size in the entire world and being converted into a mini-pentagon with 1000 plus marines and security guards of Blackwater, Inter-Risk and Dyn Corp placed inside and around the fortress -looking compound in our residential areas. Why are we selling them so much of land here? Why are we allowing hundreds and thousands of armed and mysterious Americans here? There is no one to answer. All kinds of foreign forces, specially the Americans, have been allowed to come in unchecked and to freely operate from our ground facilities only God knows since when. No one even knows the identity of these Americans and others entering and exiting Pakistan through unchecked special chartered aircrafts. No one checks the contents of the baggage and loads they bring in by air and sea.

3. Drone attacks in FATA have already destroyed our honor and dignity as independent and sovereign state. Innocent people are being butchered with our connivance? What a shame! Everything of value here is being destroyed systematically. Our nuclear assets, the brave Armed Forces of Pakistan, and other centers of power are their immediate targets. All our communication networks are being monitored by CIA from our soil. Mysterious and secret posts have been allowed to be established and manned by Americans around our Kahuta facility within a few kilometers. It appears the USA has been covertly allowed to neutralize or even control our nuclear capability. Is it so? Thousands of our houses/buildings have been rented/purchased in NWFP, Islamabad, Karachi and other places by shady and ill reputed front-line NGOs of CIA for unknown purposes. Special Foreign Spy Networks employing our nationals on very high salaries (Rs.2 to 3 laks pm) are operating inside our country against our interests. Hundreds of Armed Americans with freshly grown beards and attired in shalwar–qameez have been seen roaming freely in NWFP, FATA and Islamabad. The prime times of our Radio and TV channels have been purchased by America for their vicious propaganda. To top it all we are selling everything of our honor through Kerry-Lugar Bill and the like and still feel proud. The Joint Explanatory Statement just issued jointly by their Senate and House is just an eye-wash and does not remove our misgivings at all. The shots have been fired by Americans, we now exactly know their real intentions in black and white. This Bill must be rejected by us out rightly, no compromise whatsoever.

4. All these are visible signs of a big conspiracy against Pakistan. The leadership of Pakistan Army has rightly shown its serious concerns on such vital security and sovereignty issues. The people have fully supported the Armed Forces. Our government still defends its very unreasonable, irrational and shameful stance on all these developments, though these must be happening with the full connivance of all our decision makers. The government has never bothered to take the parliament of the people into confidence at any stage. The Parliament itself, even at this belated stage, is dragging its feet in rejecting the bill. What can you expect from the members who even blindly agreed to say yes to the most corrupt and ill reputed person to lead the country? The spineless and toothless responses of some of the political leaders from PML(N), MQM, ANP and JUI are just not understandable. Who all have been purchased by CIA? What is this happening? Apparently we have been colonized already. Is it so?

5. The demonstrated performance of our so-called democracy, based on multi-party system, has utterly failed us. Pakistan has yet to take off like a vibrant and strong country. While difference of opinion is always welcome in a vibrant society because it helps to arrive at a rational and balanced decision, the concept of opposition party or parties and government party is not akin to our culture. In most cases it leads to point scoring, degrading the opponent and mud slugging only, the search for truth and justice is frustrated by the top leadership. The hereditary, personality-based, autocratic and tycoons-funded political parties of Pakistan without even iota of internal democracy are now being hated by the people. Our these traditional parties with no ideology and concrete programs for development and welfare of people are looked down upon because they say what they don’t do on ground and are only interested in grabbing power for personal gains. They have not been able to meet the cherished expectations of people of Pakistan despite repeated chances to lead. The Deeni Political parties also got a full opportunity to rule and show the difference, but even they blundered very badly, rather they performed worse than the secular parties. So, none has the will to bring any positive change and none is credible anymore. What to do now?

6. The answer lies with we common Pakistanis and nowhere else. Unless we stand up united right now- first to defend Pakistan and then give it the desired direction, it may go into chaos and anarchy God-forbid. We, the genuine citizens of our beloved country Pakistan, shall have to wake up now and get hold of our destiny in our hands. We cannot continue to live in day dreams and false hopes any more. We have seen enough of this worst system now. It hasn’t delivered at all. No Maseeha shall come from outside. We shall have to stand up on our own and rectify everything ourselves. Pakistan has to stand up on its own two feet. The time for a Major Change by the people has come.

7. Our economy is now in the hands of foreign powers. They tell us how to prepare budgets, increase the rates of various commodities, and privatize our vital national assets to pay back their loans. Our load of foreign loan has exceeded 60 billion USD which includes those loans/grants of which more than 60 % is spent by Americans/IMF/World Bank to cover their administrative costs. In case of Kerry-Lugar Bill also more than 60 % will be spent by USA. In fact we have been almost made foreign loan dependant now to make our national budgets. Thanks to Aziz and Tareen- handpicked financial managers for us from USA. The IPPs and IRPs shall burden us more on higher rates of power hence almost 100 % of our industry will come to a grinding halt, hence more un-employment and less revenue. We are handing over about 800,000 hectares of our valuable agriculture land to oil-rich countries to produce products for them only. We have criminally left to India our legitimate water rights from our rivers coming from Kashmir. We are giving a safe land-route passage to Indians for linking up with Afghanistan, the MOU has already been signed by our President. Jammu and Kashmir, our jugular vein, is still bleeding without due care. Internally we are passing through crises one after the other: terrorism of worst kind, blatant interference by India in Baluchistan and FATA, price hike of daily use commodities, oil & gas sky-rocketing prices, power breakdowns, insecurity and fear, character failings, mega mismanagement and corruption scandals to name a few. Now, the micro management of Pakistan by USA is about to begin if not already started covertly since Musharraf days.

8. As a society we are crumbling from within and withering away. The chaos and anarchy is about to occur if we do not bring discipline and character in all our dealings. We have violated all the fundamental provisions of Pakistan Resolution 1940 and our Constitution of 1973. Pakistan is a sacred dream; it came into being for a very sacred purpose. That purpose is yet to be achieved. We need accountability and justice across the board. We need to have our basic human needs fulfilled. We need an egalitarian society as far as possible, we need good quality education and health care, we need peace and security and we need to become a true Islamic Welfare State for our people as well as for others to see and follow suit. The common people have always been ready for sacrifices. It is the corrupt leadership which has faltered every time. It is not repeated not a failed state but ill-managed state by incompetent, arrogant and corrupt leaders. The rule of law is a dream now. In fact the entire system has gone cancerous requiring a major operation. We have forgotten our individual as well as collective obligations of our beloved Deen-e-Islam. This Deen is meant for the entire Humanity, and not for so-called Muslims only. The so-called Talibans of all shades and names have destroyed our good image. We can never impose Islam on others by force; let it be a free choice. However, the Nizam must be ours. What have we done to our Deen till now? We neither act upon it ourselves properly nor make it available to others to follow. What an invaluable treasure we are losing? What an unpardonable crime we are committing?

9. We committed big blunders but learnt nothing from our past history so far. Our present leaders are just not concerned, rather living in total delusion. They have displayed no vision, no long-term objectives, no policies, no respect for the peoples’ opinion and aspirations, and no accountability. They blindly work on dictates of foreign powers: USA to be specific. It is height of criminal negligence, violation of the constitutional mandate and unpardonable incompetence on their part. The Time has come that they must give way to better leaders who can take better care of Pakistan and its people. Even after six decades we are not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. How can we succeed under these conditions? Impossible. How can we be quiet and get eliminated? Impossible.

10. But please don’t despair. We are the right people to take the lead once again. We Muslims are well known to the world since 7th Century AD. Let us not forget that we have had the longest and most glorious past of Muslim civilization for 1000 years the world has ever seen before. We educated and guided the world in all disciplines of knowledge and other human endeavors when the rest of the humanity was suffering under the tyranny of Dark Ages. We were then the sole super power. We were the source of security and strength for even non-Muslims. The suffering humanity was rescued by us then. That Humanity is suffering once again and leading to a disastrous end even in this modern era of science and technology. We are just sleeping for the last about 600 years. Let us wake up to face this challenge boldly again. Only we Muslims have the Divine recipe to avert this disaster. Let us act upon it ourselves first for the ultimate success, the others will be attracted to follow suit after seeing our performance on ground. Let us not be afraid of anyone except Allah Almighty alone. Let us transform Pakistan into a true Islamic Welfare State through peaceful political movement like Pakistan Movement earlier. Let us make Pakistan the beacon of light and Center of Power for the entire planet. It is a sacred challenge worth risk taking by all of us.

11. So, what and how it should be done? We must put a stop to all these if we wish to survive as a vibrant and honorable Nation and achieve the ultimate success i.e. Falah. Enough is enough. None else but we the People of Pakistan can save ourselves Insha-Allah. Time is running out. Let us quickly decide together to bring a revolutionary change for the better in every system of our beloved country. Our strong will to change with our most active participation is a must to seek Allah’s blessings and help. Let every one of us: the children, the youth, the old, the males, the females, the workers, the farmers, the government employees, the soldiers, the teachers, the scientists, the technicians, the managers, the administrators, the poor, the rich, the Pakistanis immigrants abroad join hands together to launch this sacred and the most unprecedented political movement in order to bring a positive and peaceful revolution in Pakistan. Let us launch this movement under just one brand new national political party and brand new leaders. Let us seek guidance from Quran and Sunnah in all respects in this regard. Let us be real and committed Muslims for once. Let us bow before Allah Almighty and seek His help alone. The turbulent time shall soon be over Insha –Allah. USA with its other partners shall be running away from this region for good. It has no ideology whatsoever except the brutal force; it is bound to be defeated. Let us push them out quickly and handle this victory with unity and care. Let us not run away from war, let us prepare for it to deter it, and let us support our Armed Forces to win it. In short, let us launch a decisive peoples’ movement against all these evils together.

12. In order to achieve the above stated objective, we certainly need sincere, selfless, educated, competent, visionary and determined leaders to do so. They are present among us. You can choose them yourself now. You may as well be the one we are looking for. You may be the one leading this new peaceful political movement. Yes, each one of us must take part in this search for good leaders. Please remember that, in addition to above qualities, all the proposed leaders must be physically fit, mentally alert, at least of 35 years of age, God-fearing/pious, honest, followers of basic tenets of Islam, trust worthy, knowledgeable, experienced, dynamic, social activist, committed to our above stated revolutionary objective, not saleable, not purchasable, willing to work for the service of humanity Fi-Sabi-Lillah in any capacity for the pleasure of Allah Almighty alone. They must be well literate in Urdu, English and preferably Arabic as well. They must possess good written and verbal expression in any of these languages. Deeni Elm with Amal would be a plus point. They should be good orators as well. They must be enthusiastic political activists to go round the length and breadth of the country at own cost to convince the people and to unite them for our historic noble revolutionary cause. They may be clean shaved or bearded-doesn’t matter. They may be from any part of Pakistan. The potential leaders may understand the gravity of the situation and accept the responsibility as a compelling requirement of our Deen, hence they should come forward and offer their services themselves for the pleasure of Allah Almighty alone and not for any worldly gain. This opportunity may never come again in our life time.

13. Let this brand new political party be called Alfalah Party Pakistan (APP). Let it provides you the desired political forum and golden opportunity to participate. Let us bring it into being with our own hands. It is the party of all of us. It is the party in which everyone shall have the right to speak out his/her mind freely and fearlessly pro or against. We all should join it with the noble intention (Niat) of serving the humanity for the pleasure of Allah Almighty alone. The old politicians shall not be acceptable in APP in the leading role. It has to be led and run by newly elected leaders of right quality and character. Let us pick them up from 170 millions of our people. They are present there but quiet; we just have to search them out. We have the right ideology. We have the required potentials and the most competent people. We have the required will to do so. We the poor, the middle class and serious minded elite class people will have to take the initiative. We did it in 1940-1947. We can do it again in much better way now. Pakistan was created for a noble purpose but not yet completed. We shall do the final act now Insha-Allah. Do you agree? I am confident you all do.

14. The modalities of selecting/electing our new leaders, organizing the Party, framing our revolutionary manifesto and launching this mega peaceful movement have been pondered over already and can be polished further with inputs from you and all others concerned, however, this shall be made public only once reasonable majority of new leaders agree with the stated concept. Finances shall never be a problem as people are likely to donate wholeheartedly. It shall be mission of their life; they shall work for it with all their energies and resources. This is a pure indigenous movement of the people of Pakistan. I have no doubt in my mind that this movement shall succeed Insha Allah. The people are looking for a better alternative: for credible, competent and sincere leadership to bring a major change. The fundamental aim of this entire exercise is to convert Pakistan into an exemplary Islamic Welfare State: to restore the power to the people, to spend the wealth of Pakistan on the poor people of Pakistan, to eliminate corruption and mismanagement, to enforce justice and fair play at all levels, to alleviate poverty, to have social security for the poor/unprivileged and the unemployed, to remove all foreign intruders and unwanted foreigners, to protect the people in all respects and ensure peace and security, to fulfill all their basic needs guaranteed in 1973 Constitution and to enable them to order their lives as per their Faith and aspirations. We are aiming at real Falah of every citizen of Pakistan and indeed of the entire Humanity. Let us get hold of our destiny. Let us defeat our enemies. The glorious future is ours once again. The strongest Islamic Pakistan is ours. We shall soon lead the Ummah and the world. We can do it, we shall do it Insha-Allah. I have taken the start in that direction. It is your turn now. Let us join together. God helps those who help themselves. Allah Almighty may protect Pakistan against all evils known and unknown and bless us all, Ameen!

Written By: Brig (Retired) Muhammad Ali



  1. A. Mitchell 21 November, 2009 at 05:38 Reply

    In sub-Saharan Africa, it has been proposed that instead of voting for national leaders, citizens be allowed to vote to choose from among foreign donors and their major loan and aid projects.

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