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Some Questions about the '9 20' incident at Marriott Hotel in Islamabad


1. Why a US embassy truckload of steel boxes was unloaded and shifted inside the Marriott Hotel on the same night when Admiral Mike Mullen met Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and others in Islamabad? (two nights before this devastating explosion)

2. Why both the main gates (the entrance and the exit) of the hotel were closed while no one except the US Marines were either allowed to go near the truck or get the steel boxes unloaded or shift them inside the hotel.

3. Why these steel boxes were not passed through the scanners installed at the entrance of the hotel lobby and were reportedly shifted to the 4th and 5th floors of the Marriott? (Our PM Gillani was even asked to go through the security checks on US airport, even removing his shoes in the recent visit to US.)

4. Why the truck loaded with explosives T&T, RDX and explosives hit the barrier outside the Marriot Hotel where as the fire was seen on exactly the 4th and 5th floor with unusual intensity and flame color that could not be extinguished and later burned entire of the Hotel.

5. If the explosives had Aluminum Powder that created fire (as told my Rehman Malik) then why this Aluminium Powder only created fire on the 4th and 5th floor of Marriot and why not on the ROAD SIDE? Why not on the adjacent building of Marriott? Why not on the trees along side the explosion area? Why not on the other side of the road that had other buildings as well? Were the explosives intelligent enough to strike the 4th and 5th floor of Marriott to cause such an uncontrollable fire? Why only the 4th and 5th floor of Marriot hotel that was sealed two nights back and US Marines shifted steel boxes without security checks of hotel?

6. Why the suicide truck hit the barrier on the left side of the building entrance/gate but the fir broke out on the top floor (5th floor) on the right side and exactly above the lobby?

7. Why US Marines were seen entering the Hotel building AFTER THE EXPLOSION HIDING THEIR FACES (captured on AAJ TV footage) soon after the explosion? They were supposed to be inside the hotel right? What were they doing outside that too in uniform, if they had booked the rooms in 4th and 5th floor they should have been in there? And why such top US marines had checked in a public hotel a few days back and why they had to shift such confidential material in steel boxes in a public place?

8. Why all of a sudden sources had to say the GAS PIPE line inside the hotel caught fire? When the incident had just taken place? Was this pre decided that GAS PIPE will catch fire and there could be nothing else? Why it was stated in such a rush before an inquiry had taken place?

9. Why later Rehman Malik said investigations suggest that Aluminum powder was the reason for such high intensity fire? Why such drastic change of statements?

10. Why the US Marines had to risk their lives and go inside the hotel building when they were not from rescue teams or Pakistan security forces? Was there something to hide or cover? Was their something to check because the plan had not executed to perfection (the truck exploded outside where as it was planned to explode in front of the reception) or they never wanted the Rescue forces to get some clue (unexploded material on 4th or 5th floor)?

11. Why the fire further detoriated after the US Marines went in the hotel building?

12. How come the fire increased to such an extent that it encapsulated the entire building raising the inside temperature to 400 Degrees?

13. Why the US ambassador in Islamabad first announced that there were absolutely no US personnel in Marriott Hotel and no one was residing there but later had to change her statement that MAY BE there were some US marines inside the hotel (THIS STATEMENT CAME AFTER THE MEDIA, AAJ TV FOOTAGE CAUGHT US MARINES GOING IN THE HOTEL)

14. Why US embassy had to hide and lie in first place that there were no US related people inside the Hotel.

15. WHY PENTAGON CONFIRMED THE DEATH OF 2 US Marines on the next day but denied to disclose the names or show the bodies of them?

16. Why the CDA water tankers and fire extinguishers, could not start their water pumps because of uncharged batteries to extinguish the fire on 4th and 5th floor?

17. Why the batteries of fire extinguishers of CDA vehicles were not charged even though the Presidential address was to be held right on the same day in the same vicinity? And when Chief of Army staff, PM, Chief Minister, Governors were at one place and security and emergency services were at RED ALERT why the fire extinguishers had uncharged batteries? Is that casual attitude, inadequate facility or a deliberate plan?

18. Why Now there’s US National Security Advisor (and one of the few warmongering ultra neocons that is still in the Bush administration), Stephen Hadley, trying to tell the Pakistanis that they need the US to go into Pakistan to get these ‘terrorists’ because Pakistan hasn’t got the wherewithal to do it themselves?

19. Laslty, why was MR. BUSH the first person to convey his condolences to Pakistan and offer assistance of FBI in carrying out investigations?

20. As i write this article, I hear the news that after two days of explosion, still the 4th and 5th floor are burning and smoke is coming out and still the temperature is 350 degress. How in the world can it be possible without chemicals being planted?


1. The plan was not executed to 100% perfection but yet carried out smoothly and successfully.

2. High quantity of explosives, T&T, RDX that could only be produced at a military facility was packed up in the truck in the capital of Pakistan.

3. RAW, MOSSAD provided the logistical and financial support through Afghanistan, FATA to their own controlled JIHAD organizations in Pakistan.

4. CIA provided clearance issues, ground support local services to carry out the operation using it’s penetration in ISI and it’s influence in Pakistan (Hashwani the owner of Marriott Hotel Chains in Pakistan and an international business man was in total control of himself as he watched his hotel burning in flames).

5. The driver got confused, could not strike off the barrier and enter the gate to approach the lobby as planned. Exploded himself outside the barrier when he was obstructed by the vigilant security staff and time started running out for him.

6. The perfect plan would have been, the truck to explode right in front of the lobby enterance (reception) in the center of the building, exploding the entire hotel, the 4th and 5th floor that had the fire catching chemicals and explosives set by the CIA in the cover of US marines would further enhance the impact and help in total down fall of the hotel structure, melting down the hotel at ground zero just like the 9 11. Killing dozens multinationals, foreign journalists, foreign envoys and redirecting the focus of the world especially the EU that the center of militancy and terrorism is Pakistan. Endorsing the Jewish view point that Pakistan is only Muslim state to have nuclear capability and nuclear warheads that could easily fell in hands of terrorists.

7. Terrorizing the people of Pakistan and gaining the sympathies of the world for US to take charge of Pakistan and allow US strikes in Pakistan.

8. Pressurizing the democratic govt. of Pakistan to keep their beaks tight and keep on following the policies of USA as agreed upon by Musharraf.

9. Threatening the newly democratic Govt. of Pakistan and adding to the woes and problems ensuring economic downfall, political de-stability, de moralize security and armed forces of Pakistan.

10. Add fuel to the Civil war going in Pakistan.

11. Put another thumping stamp on the face of Pakistan as a FAILED state.

12. This bomb blast is yet another episode of the US policy to first create terrorists in tribal areas of Pakistan by killing innocent people, villagers, poor civilians creating hatred for the central Govt. & Armed forces of Pakistan. Secondly channeling & facilitating the HATRED and URGE OF REVENGE by the terrorists created out of innocent but emotionally aroused individuals. Providing the cover and umbrella to the flock of such individuals on the name of organizations headed by MUNGAL BAGH, BAIT-ULLAH MAUSED, TALIBAN PAKISTAN with complete logistical and financial support from MOSSAD, RAW, CIA through the consulates in Afghanistan.

13. The one who executes the suicide mission never comes to know in whom hands is he playing with. Never knows who his real target is, instead just plays in the hands of the enemies of Islam & Pakistan. In return, the Govt. jubilates and proudly celebrates their success on finding his HEAD. Soon the investigation goes in back pages as another explosion rips off tasking the Govt. in search of a new HEAD.

14. We should get over this mentality and take a good hard look at the geo-political reality of what is actually happening in our world and has been happening for some considerable time.

15. Last Thursday a US Predator drone aircraft fired off four Hellfire missiles into Pakistan killing seven people. This was just hours after the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, had personally assured President Asif Ali Zardari that the US would in future respect the sovereignty of Pakistan after previous US incursions both into Pakistani airspace and on to Pakistani soil that had resulted in the deaths of Pakistani civilians.

16. It is a whirlpool the US forces will keep on killing innocents, it will keep on striking civil population on name of “ABU Ameer” and “Abu —“, Hatred will continue to house deeply in hearts of innocents and naïve tribal people turning them into brutal militants, suicide bombers and aggressors. Govt. will keep on uncovering the HEADS and individuals involved in isolate attacks ignoring to unveil the sponsors, facilitators, and master minds sitting in close corners of Afghanistan and across controlling the top leadership of Mangal Bagh, Bait Ullah Maseud and TTP and helping them in their cause of “Jihad”.

17. RAW of India, MOSSAD of Israel , CIA of USA help their common cause by using the weapon of Muslims on Muslims – Jihad.


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