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SAFETY WARNING! KHI – In view of the present security conditions and the crackdown operation against “Target Killing” all security agencies have gone into a super pro-active mode. Therefore you are requested to adhere to the following rules of common sense!

Kindly carry all VALID vehicle documentation, Original NIC & Driver’s License etc. (Your fancy corporate visiting card will not do if you are in your Sunday shorts with your cook in the car)

Kindly remove your vanity (Fancy) number plates declaring your allegiance to your own kingdom and put on the number plates officially issued to you by the Government of Sindh

Please get a verification of authenticity done by the CPLC, ACLC – Division (Anti-Car Lifting) costs 800 rupees

If your car is bank owned (leased) or company owned… (please get a letter of authority to drive it from the bank / company and carry your official Company ID Card

In the case of a motor cycle please avoid double sawari (pillion riding) and ensure you are always wearing a helmet

Even if you possess a licensed weapon and have a document from the Home Department that exempts you from “Section 144”please do NOT carry your weapon because in times like this specially before Bakra Eid when tension is high you WILL be detained and your vehicle impounded by the Armed forces (not local agencies). Irrespective of who you know and who you can call you will lose your most valuable commodity “time” until your “BASHT FRAND” comes and releases you on his own “Zamanat”

If you have armed Guards (private security) they MUST be from a security agency that is registered with the Home Department and has a valid license for not only the agency but the man and his gun.
a. The Guard Must possess a “Section 144 exemption certificate from the home department for his weapon issued from the registered company”
b. The guard whilst on the road whilst escorting you must NOT brandish the weapon and keep it out of plain sight
c. If you have your private chap from the village, again expect to be detained and have your vehicle impounded until your bro wakes up and comes and gets you and then makes fun of you for your stupidity
If you do not want to be detained please remove your tinted windows and all shades so that security agencies can look into the vehicle at all times.

At night dim your lights when approaching a check point so that the agencies are NOT blinded and force you to stop.

If the security agencies stop you… PLEASE STOP! Remember there is a full scale operation going on so irrespective of who daddy is and who your hubby spends his time with in the evening the soldiers who have been standing on their feet for over 12 hours in the sun will have very itchy trigger fingers.

Last not least kindly ensure you are nice or at least polite to the people who stop you because they are there for your safety and they are only doing their job which is to ensure you have a good Eid and do not become the Bakra. It will only waste your time and cause complications if you are arrogant or rude with them…


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