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Prime Minister Youth Program


Prime Minister”Youth Program Details are as Under,

Scheme No 1

PM’s Qarz-e-Hasana Scheme

Brief description
Qarz-e-Hasana (microfinance) facility aimed at helping the industry
raise current access level of 2.5 million people to 5.0 million in
next 5 years.

Eligibility criteria
Vulnerable rural and urban poor with a poverty score of up to 40

Focus on women
50% of loans will go to women borrowers.

Geographical spread
All Pakistan, preferably limited and un-served areas.

It is Qarz-e-Hasana and will not carry any mark-up.

Size and number of loans
250,000 loans of Rs.25,000 average

Government Grant 2013-14
Rs.3.5 billion.

Executing agency
PPAF through enlisted partner organizations and community
organizations having necessary expertise and experience.

Borrowers will be encouraged to return the loan that will go back to
permanent fund available to the community for future lending. Fund
will also educate the borrowers to convert from being “takers” to
“givers”, so that the fund will continue to grow.

Scheme No 2
PM’s Small Business Loans Scheme

Brief description
Small business loans scheme will focus on unemployed youth, especially
educated, looking for establishing new enterprises.

Eligibility criteria
All young men/women. Age not more than 35 Years. Entrepreneurial potential.

Focus on women
50% of loans will go to women borrowers.

Debt-Equity ratio
90:10 with tenor of up to 7 years

8% fixed for borrower but government will pay the difference of the
cost at KIBOR+500 bps.

SBP to explore providing 50% refinance at the risk of participating banks

Risk mitigation
Government will share 50% of losses subject to a maximum of 10% of the
loan amount

Number of Loans

Size of Loan
Rs.0.5 – 2.0 Million

Average Loan Size
Rs.1.25 Million

Allocation in Budget 2013-14
Rs.5 billion

Executing agency
NBP and First Women Bank under the guidance and supervision of SBP.
Other Banks will be encouraged to join.

Sectors and Products
All sectors. Standardized schemes/projects/ undertakings will be
designed by SMEDA, projects designed by private sector service
provider or individuals themselves.

Scheme No 3
PM’s Youth Training Scheme

Brief description
Aimed at training the educated youth of Pakistan through internship in
private and public sector offices.

Eligibility criteria
All those graduates with 16 years of education from HEC approved
educational institutions, not more than 25 years of age (26 for
less-developed areas).

Geographical spread
All Pakistan

Rs.10,000 per month for 12 months

Number of interns

Budget Allocation FY 2013-14
Rs.4.0 billion

Executing agency
A top class management consulting firm/university from the private
sector in collaboration with the Government, will be responsible for
the design, placement of internees and their periodic evaluation.

Training program
Focal points in each private and public office will be responsible for
ensuring effective use of the internees’ services

Areas of training
All leading private sector firms and development sector organizations,
federal, provincial and local government offices including educational
institutions will be offered services of the internees

Scheme No 4
PM’s Youth Skills Development Scheme

Brief description
Aimed at training unemployed youth of Pakistan for acquiring
productive skills for gainful employment.

Eligibility criteria
All young men/women aged up to 25 years with middle level education
shall be eligible.

Geographical spread
All Pakistan.

Fees support
Rs.3,000 per month for six months

Rs.2,000 per month for six months.

Number of Trainees

Budget Allocation FY 2013-14
Rs.800 Million

Executing agency
NAVTTC/Ministry of Education and Trainings, in collaboration with
Provincial TEVTAs/Federal Government Skills Training Institutes which
will also design the program and final evaluation form

Training program
Training in standard modules in trades commonly in demand both at home
and abroad will be imparted for a period of six months.

Scheme No 5
PM’s Scheme for Provision of Laptop

Brief description
Aimed at spreading the use of computers amongst the college/university
level students.

Eligibility criteria
All students registered in an HEC approved educational institution.
All masters/doctoral students and 50% under-graduate students will get
the laptop.

Geographical spread
All Pakistan.

Cost per laptop
Rs.40,000 approx.

Total number
100,000 students

Budget Allocation FY 2013-14
Rs.4.0 billion

Executing agency
Higher Education Commission (HEC)/Ministry of Education and Trainings.
To be designed and implemented based on the same pattern and
parameters as adopted in the Punjab.

Local manufacturing
HEC is negotiating a deal from manufacturers for local assembly of
laptop computers, which will become feasible in the face of such high
demand from the present scheme as well that from Punjab.

Scheme No 6
PM’s Scheme for Reimbursement of Fee of Students from the Less Developed Areas

Brief description
Aimed at encouraging pursuit of higher education by students from less
developed areas through financing of their tuition fees paid directly
to universities.

Eligibility criteria
All students registered in Masters/Ph.D programs in an HEC approved
public sector educational institution.

Geographical spread
Students domiciled in interior Sindh, Southern Punjab (Divisions of
Multan, Bahawalpur and DG Khan), entire Balochistan, less developed
areas of KP (Malakand, Kohistan and DI Khan), GB and FATA.

Average Tuition Fees
Rs.40,000 per year

Total number
30,000 students

Budget Allocation FY 2013-14
Rs.1.2 Billion

Executing agency
Higher Education Commission (HEC) in collaboration with the Ministry
of Education and Trainings, which will be responsible for its
implementation on the ground.



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    jaha tak mainay suna hai is program k baray mai to mjhay pta chala hai k yeh loan sirf un logo ko milay ga jo in k khas log ho gai jaisa k badmash ya phr waziroo k chamchay yeh mjhay khud chief minister k khas banday nai kaha hai aur agar aisa howa too mai pml(n) ko support karna chor do ga wo b pori bradri k sath you now mughals.

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