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PIA Officials delayed flight because of just one seat of Business class


PIA Karachi to Jeddah flight late almost 1.5hrs just because of an airman, reason was that airman’s seat booked in economy class and he don’t want to sit there, If I am not wrong then never be happened before in any country that flight is almost in takeoff position and suddenly a message comes from control room that return back but the true story was a foreigner sitting in business class and flight assistant wants to change his seat with economy class seat of airman of PIA.

It’s a sad story and really embarrassment for PIA staff and passenger of that flight, that incident happened on 4th April 2009 at Jinnah International airport, PK731 takeoff time was 6:30pm from Karachi to Jeddah but just because of that airman flight takeoff at 8 o clocks in night. Our airline in losses around millions of rupees per month but just because of that person PIA lost 4million rupee. When media person try to contact Mr.Tariq Rafeeq (Manager) who solve that problem but he didn’t comments on that matter and give a suggestion that talk with PIA spokesman, When media person contact to GM PIA Mr.Sultan Hasan then he said maybe flight was late and I was out of station so I will investigate that and will let you know. That media person also contacts to DG Civil aviation authority but DG junaid amin have no information about that incident.

An officer of CAA who appointed on Jinnah international airport said that PIA Started extra flights for Jeddah and Kuala lumpur after agreement of Malaysian officials and that flight was a part of that, by chance that foreigner was team leader of Malaysian group who was sitting in business class and crew of flight request him to change his seat with that airman seat but that foreigner feel insult and clearly give them shut up call and said that I never be choose PIA in future.

Finally that airman sits in pilot cabin and flight takeoff from Karachi airport. We are talking about our ministers and politicians luxuries and their Exps what you think about that airman who feels insult to sit in economy class and just because of him more than 180 passengers suffered



  1. Hameedullah Khan 14 April, 2009 at 15:21 Reply

    That airman should be hanged for bringing such a dis-honour to the country. I really don’t even know how these terrorists and corrupt people even sleep at night. God save us from these people.

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