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Pakistan needs you…….


Basically Govt not giving us permission to do that World Record event & giving excuse of security, Now if security issues then how could they allow dance parties, Rallies, Protests, If Pakistan is in the state of WAR then stop doing Different awareness campaign? People of Pakistan should get training to fight against country enemies & armed forces should give all of us training.

These corrupt leaders not reduce their expenditure, They don’t want to change their lifestyle but when media point out them then immediately they come to us with the line “Pakistan is in state of war so we are focusing on war” Basically they are afraid to see unite this nation under one Flag & sing national anthem.

I request to whole nation to come outside on 13th of august & sing National anthem together. All political parties want us to do that event on their platform, its mean they have no issue of security, they just want us to do that on their party platform, We refused them as its national event & it should be done only for Pakistan with Pakistani Flag.

lets come out for Unity of Pakistan, Dont be affraid with blasts, suicide attacks & killing, as it can be happen anywhere So we have to be unite against all these people if you want to save our future & our country

EVENT Details:
World Record for Most People Singing Pakistan’s National Anthem


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