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Pakistan main rakha kya hai?


Time and again we listen to such a cynical comment from our fellow country men.Is mulk main rakha hi kya hai?I don’t know why people who themselves have a pessimistic approach towards life can make the others belive that they are right .And keep on preaching and arguing there beliefs.No organization in the world is big from the start.No person in the world is smart by birth. Similarly no country can be great from its beginning time must complete its course to let the things settle down.But along with being a pessimistic lot of people in our country there are also a big chunk of people who are always in hurry trying to run faster then the time.And listening to these people and getting absorbed by there ideas unconsiously slowly creates trouble for us and make us cynical too.Please before reading it further lets make a promise you wont give a second thought to such kind of pessimistic peoples belifes to corrupt your own ideas .Lets be original and rational towards your own ideas and towards your country.

What we have in our country is so much that if properly utilised it can be sufficient for our next 10 generations.Only we need to tap the hidden talent.Lets start all talking about all the hidden gems in our country one by one.Starting from our energy resereves as they are the biggest tool in a countries development.The coal reserves in pakistan are 4th highest in the world .The THAR coal reserve which is still not being mined is the biggest of all.And you wont believe it but the coal from Thar will be equaivalent to the oil reserves of SAUDI ARABIA and IRAN put together .The oil reserves of both these countries comibned together are a mere 375 Billion Barrels.While the coal reserves in Thar are 850 Trillion cubic feet.The gas which will be obtained from these reserves will be 30 times higher then the existing gas reserves being used.Know if u go on counting you will forget the zeros which come in a trillion and just imagine how long these reserves can be used . The existing gas reserves were only 28 TCF(TRILLION CUBIC FEET).And they have been used for about 25 to 30 years .Know calculate how long can 850TCF can last?

People say what it is the use to live in a country where half of the day there is literaly no electricity.Now let me enlighten those literate IDIOTS .Only thar coal reserves being used can provide us electricty for the next 100 years.Shocking isnt it?If only 2% of these reserves is used 20,000 MW of electricity can be produced for the next 40 years without a moment of loadshedding.Know would you like to live in such a country where the energy wont be any problem while the rest of world will be looking for alternates of energy?Then welcome to Pakistan of future.I am not day dreaming or just creating a piece of fiction its just one aspect of what we have and we brutally misuse it.
We have the a GDP growth rate is much higher then many of the big nations .To name a few USA ,Australia,and Japan.And still we beg from countries who are near beggers.Its not because we cant live without it.Its just that our mentality has unforutnatly turned like this .We have became dependant on others while we could have supported others.
The land cultivation in Pakistan is at 5th among the countries of world.With some big countries like China and Brazil only ahead us due to there total land area.We have the biggest canal system in the whole world.A total of 5rivers keep our canal system going on.And only on one of our rivers that is river Indus a total of 100 dams can be built for agricultural and energy purposes.While we need only 2 or 3 to have or problems of energy and water for agriculture solved .All what I am writing isnt some mythical story .All this can happen only if we keep moving for the bright light which is lit at the end of dark tunnel.Only if we can utilise the opportunity which arises out of every crisis .

We are one of the few blessed countries which have not only 4 usual season but also another extra season of monsoon.The kind of fruit and vegetable varitey we have is very rare .From the mangos grown in the hotter areas of sindh and central punjab to the strawbries and plums from the cold regions of swat and abbotabad .We have all and the best of the lot.From being blessed with the 2nd highest mountain K-2 to the beautiful deserts of thar and cholistan we have variety of terrain, varitey of culture ,and variety of languages.But still we are not happy with what we have.
The amount of charity being given in Pakistan is the highest amount in any country.It is perhaps the most strange country of all despite being considerd a poor country the number of people which remain hungry or those who sleep by the road side is minimum of all .Its all because a big chunk of people here are not selfish and self centred they even care for others.Still we keep blabing that people are not helping here.People like EDHI are one of his kind and we should be proud of being blessed with a person like him .Running the biggest rescue service of the world and that too from charity money without any help from the state is no small a feat then running a state.A person like him should be honoured properly.He is not only a visionary but also a kind hearted man.How many of you have ever thought of any such kind of act maybe even on a smaller scale?Now please don’t give me that old excuse that we don’t have the resources and man power blah blah.If a half literate truck driver like Edhi can do it why cant you.Its just that he knows what to do while you only know how to point on others.We have one of the best cancer hospital of the world that too being run by charity money.And it’s the most state of the art in the whole of Asia.But again being a shameless bunch of people we are we only see the dark side .We keep trying to defame the man who visioned this hospital.He is a national icon and a hero still we don’t respect him.Imran khan brought us the cricket world cup and then the best cancer hospital which is one of its kind.Its not a business which he is doing its just his pay back to the country which made him an icon.Have you ever thought how u gonna repay to this country of yours?Oh I know what you will reply because you have also corrupted me a little bit .You definatly gonna say What this country has given to us? WAKE UP MORONS the things which this country have given to us are so enormous that even in a life time we cant pay back.
We pollute our own streets and then we say “Yeh mulk kitna ganda hai yahan har taraf kachra para hai bahar ka mulkon main tu aisa nae hota” What the hell is our problem man ? We through all the waste out of our posh houses and plush cars on the road then who is gonna clean it . You must be thinking it’s the duty of government .No not at all its not Govt. duty you pollute your surrondings and you should clean it too .Now don’t tell me you have left all that waste on road so it will turn into organic fuel.
Have we ever tried to do our part of work which we are supposed to do for building our country.Not at all none of us has done that because we are lazy bums.You go in any office and u can see half of the people are either drinking tea or talking on phone .While giving there work a back seat . This article has gonna very long so I should now sum it up.This country has a lot of potential and God gifted wealth in form of natural resources and brilliant minds .There isnt any scarcity of any kind in our country.But the only thing we are short is self realization,motivation,and will power.If we can become a nuclear power then we can become an economic power.Our problem is not the resources,neither the government is much of an obstacle to achieve our ambitions but our attitudes are the biggest problem not only for us but for this country too.Realize the power you have ,have faith in your abilites,and with your will power achieve the unthinkable.And always remember success is not gifted it has to be achieved with dedication.”Jo kehta hain ka Pakistan main rakha hi kya hai unha bata do Pakistan main hum hain “(Those who say what is in Pakistan go tell them we are in Pakistan)

For the idea of this article I would like to thank MR .Farhan Masood from the depth of my heart>
Asjad Ahmad



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