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Pakistan is better than ETHIOPIA?


Tehreek e Insaaf member Mehmood Rahseed give a good news that Pakistan will be a next Ethiopia. Isn’t it a good news? Yes it is because Ethiopia is really a poor country but there is people not doing suicide attempt, Mothers never jump in water with their kids or slept on Railway tracks, Father never sold their kids to get their basic needs.

Crime ratio is high is Ethiopia but its 1% as compare to Pakistan. They are not seen dead bodies on the streets everyday, their kids are not being kidnapped everyday. In Ethiopia National corporations still in operational condition. Their trains still on a railway tracks, If they are not on a profit side then at least they are not in loss., They didn’t reduce no of trains, Their airlines & shipping corporation also in profit.

People of Ethiopia going to Vatican state to listen POP’s speeches, They also going to Bait-ul-Muqaddas & Baitul laham but we never heard any corruption news in their religious ministry. No suicide blast & No drone attacks in Ethiopia, There is not Waziristan , Swat, Baluchistan or Karachi. There is not american forces camps, No black water activities. In Ethiopia no RGST & no increment on Petrol or electricity prices after every 15days.

Leadership & Nation of Ethiopia take their national assets as a nation treasure not their own pocket money. They have electricity & they don’t need rental power plants. No Karo-kari in Ethiopia, They love their daughters, they give respect to their kids. Ethiopia is independent country they take their own decision, They didn’t get any dictation from any country, Nobody say them DO MORE even they don’t want to listen DO MORE. If any citizen of Ethiopia missing the whole police force comes in action not only for British or american citizen & In Pakistan we are waiting that who come after richard holbrooke to say DO MORE.


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