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OsamaBinLaden death and Pakistani media


following the death of Osma bin laden the reporting standard and treatment of the news in Pakistani media questioned and this is high time for Pakistani media managers to sit and evolve a strategy to save this medium from more embarrassment.

salim Safi came first with full information but he was showing that he has his own separate network this one of his team member reached there and he was the first Pakistani newsman with accurate information.

ARY news aired footage of the disaster of helicopter first but their Islamabad bureau failed to follow up the story and even Bureau Chief Sabir Shakir who is habitual of lengthy and boring beepers did a rubbish beeper total on assumption and without any spadework and even he did not know anything he was following salim safi beeper and information.

SAMAA EXPRESS moved their vehicles to Abbott bad for live coverage .

DAWN TV handled and treated very well with the Talat Hussain Mobashir Zaidi Talat brother Rifffat Hussain and Anwar Iqbal but azaz syed was not up to mark and his fumbling and incredible information disturbed transmission tempo.

Express TV anchor javed chaudery has very little information and most of the analyst never visited KPK and FATA but they were giving their expert opinion

Anwar Iqbal contribution was exellent and indepth. well done DAWN


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