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Osama Killed 3rd time? New episode of Great Game against Pakistan


In 2009 i shared these video on my group, Just watch these videos.

BBC Censor Benazir’s acceptance about Osama Died
CIA knows that Osama died
Osama is Dead

Anti Nuclear Pakistan agencies planned the whole drama of Osama bin laden killing, Now the whole international media spread the same line or story that OSAMA found in Pakistan its mean all ALQAIDA Leadership in Pakistan So why we waste our time in Afghanistan, Our target should be Pakistan. This is the time for our National media & National Security to take stand & clear Paksitan’s position infront of the whole world.
In very few hour a story will come & every single international channel discuss that Pakistan’s Nuclear plants are not safe as Osama & its team lived very near to Pakistan’s nuclear assets, Pakistan’s army & agencies giving them protection otherwise its not possible to live in the Hub of Armed forces Abbotabad, Pakistan is the main culprits & responsible for all terror

Wonder to see childish act by our forces & govt that they didn’t take any stance for that incident & it will create more problems for Pakistan & its shows that Whenever & Whatever American wants to do in Pakistan, No one can stop them to do that.
Now the point is Osama was killed in 2003, Then 2007 now in 2011. Why our Govt & Force take serious action against that whole scene? Abbotabad is the hub of our Forces, If we didn’t take any serious action & Give true picture to our nation its a biggest crime in the history of Pakistan. Our nation should not be silent this time.

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