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Oh My Palestinian Bothers, Sisters and Children !


Oh My Palestinian Bothers, Sisters and Children !
I hate my fate that I am not   amongst you ;
In the heaps of the dead with the bodies torn,
The angels escorting  your souls to  the Paradise .
You are enjoying  the fruits of the  Celestial  Bliss,
Your innocent blood spilled on the earth;
Is cultivating a new crop of the valiant crusaders,
Who will   uproot  the pillars  of  the oppression.
Your survivors are still looking around,
For help from the brothers  in the name of faith ;
Their people  know them as mighty kings and heads,
But they are   stupid  lackeys  of  the American Tyrant.
Believe me! I am discerning red clouds over the skies,
‘The  Doom of the aggressor’ is written on them;
The Divine Justice is now making its way,
The worst  awaits  your brothers – the silent spectators.


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