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Mysterious Case of Fake Degree


he is sagacious, righteous and non-profligate and honest and ameen;

Above mentioned are not my words, these lines are from the article 62 of constitution. When I look at the word honest the first thing come in my mind is to be truthful. It is a curse on the political environment of a country that a politician is not considered to be truthful and a truthful person is considered incapable to be in politics.

How amazing we are that we make fun out of the laws and rules that we created and be proud on it. This noon, while I was flipping the TV channels I read something really interesting but I was feeling shameful after reading that particular statement. The CM of Baluchistan, Aslam Raisani said that degree is degree and it does not matter if it’s real or fake”.

Before getting angry and start to rant about this statement just think for few second and try to find out an honest answer of the question I am going to ask. And the question is, “Don’t you think the same?” When I look around and observe our behavior I find most of the people following this rule.

Most of attain a degree to gain a better job not to get knowledge. We value this piece of paper and forget to gain the real gem of knowledge. Does this fact not make our degree fake, so if we can attain a fake degree to get a good job then why not a politician can fabricate a fake one to be in the parliament after all that’s his dream job.

As a nation, the value we give to education is clear from the share this sector receives in budget. As a nation after having such attitude how can I expect green in the end? Now when I look at above-mentioned lines from the constitution and feel pity on it, and the special reason for this behavior is the fake degree holder’s brigade in the same institution that created the same constitution.  Okay I accept that degree is degree even if it’s fake but the fact remains that even a degree cannot cover what the truth actually is.

A person who is not braves enough to accept that his credibility is fake; one who formulated false documents to become member parliament can never be an honest and truthful. The journey begin with a lie can never end in emerging a true leader. People like Jamsahaid Dasti and many others in this long list of fake degree brigade soldiers will keep marching unless we change our attitude towards degree and education, one more thing the perception about politics should be changed now we should give a try to the true flavor of politics, which is free from fakeness, and use of false means. I know, I am dreaming high but at least I am dreaming. And by the way have that missing institute been found where our beloved president graduated from? 😉


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  1. Teeth Maestro 30 June, 2010 at 13:23 Reply

    Great narrative – spoken true to my heart – HOW I WISH WE CAN CHANGE PAKISTAN – for one id like to rid this country of all our liars, theives and corrupt politicians – they have left us in ruins – Fake degree or not – they need to be held accountable for all their misdeed, if that is not possible id start by taking out the fake degree holders as a start

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