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Menay janma hay tuj ko Waten Kay Leya




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  1. Khalid 11 October, 2009 at 14:52 Reply

    About the GHQ –
    The army performed well, but it has left a big question mark in many minds. Miliband and Hillary Clinton are rightly uneasy. Supposing the terrorists are able to find out and kidnap a couple of military or civilian officials who are familiar with the Pakistani nuclear installations. Let us not forget that only ten terrorists were able to raid the nerve center of Pakistan, in broad day light and carried out a very bold operation. Of course it does not indicate the army’s weakness or incompetance, but it surely is worrying.
    It is sad that Pakistan has set aside its most sincere and tried out allies and has joined hands with its own enemies. Even a halfwit Pakistani knows that US, India , England and Afghanistan are not Pakistan’s friends. Personal greed of those running the show, for US Dollars is the most imminent danger to the survival of this country. It was most disappointing to listen to Mr Shaukat Tarin warning the nation that if the proposed US bill is not accepted, we would have to ask for more loans from the world bank. Who is he working for, anyway?
    Is it difficult to see that Indian army is actively involved in Afghanistan? Not against Taliban but to accomplish the planned task in Pakistan, who is threat to both; India and Israel. Pakistani Taliban are sons of this soil but made of a different material. The will sell any thing and every thing because and stand to lose nothing, because they are protected by a stronger force. The US and UK do not appreciate Pakistans military force. Pakistan must be split up so that it does not remain a threat. Their success in this strategy is making progress. Slowly but positively. The main concern is that it may not be too late before we are faced with a task that we may not be able to sigle manage single handely. The way out is not too difficult….
    An agreement with China to send its troops to protect Pakistan’ Gawadar and Pasni ports. The number of troops should be grossly out of proportion. Such as 50 thousand troops with their best arsenal. When Pakistan will not be able to stop the advancing western military, is it not best to handle that situation with others help?
    An agreement with Iran to jointly manage the security of each others border cities and villages. The presence of two other strong armies will keep Pakistan from a crisis unmanageable.
    Too long, isnt it?

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