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Today i watched that video & i really cried alot, First question comes in my mind should i broke this system, should i killed all those culprits politicians, bureaucrats & other people who have influence in Governing Body? Is that the first step to remove poorness from my country? Is that helpful to develop my country & change the life style of my whole nation? My heart said No, its not the right step because right now i dont have that much power to killed these culprits, I dont have strength to change the whole system. Then? what i can do? what i have to do?

My heart said empower people, Create job opportunities through develop new small business, small industries, Research on that area that which kind of business we can start in Rs.10000 or Rs.20000/- This amount we can arrange very easily. Help people not in the terms of amount in terms of business module, Give education to their kids. We can change our Pakistan if we empower people in wealth & education.

Take the target of 5persons for 2011. If 100 people take the target of 5persons then end of this year we can change 5000 people or family’s life.

**** Own your country, Own your nation. Its really helpful for all us ****



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