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The fasiq leaders of the Muslim world know no depth of humiliation. May Allah humiliate and disgrace these treacherous fajireen for their debasing the book of Allah with this disgusting attempt at a recitaiton. What injustice they do Allah’s kalam, both in its recitation and implementation.

In these video we compare the (attempted) recitation of Surah ikhlas by Rehman Malik – interior minister of Pakistan and famous famous fasiq and lackey of America – with that of a parrot.



May Allah give us a leader who will do justice to the Quran in all spheres of life! Otherwise we have to take action against these Culprits & Fasiq Leaders


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  1. manc 9 January, 2011 at 17:25 Reply


    Worried… Pakistan’s condition economically is not really stable and every day the Government imposes new
    Things, such activities may cause more damage…

    Where is “Independent Judiciary”?
    What Opposition’s roll in Government?
    What our Media are doing?
    What is Pak Army thinking?

    You people known well that our Government took Foreign loans in 3-years are more than the previous Governments took in 60-years and nowadays State Bank of Pakistan are printing currency notes Rupee 2,000,000,000 daily to support the Government?

    We are not bankrupt country but our Leaders made us. Ask them to bring their foreign assets and Bank accounts in to Pakistan and will see the change also en-force the following for everyone from top to bottom.

    There are many steps but in my opinions, the first five simple steps to be followed without any delay.

    1. A-Z Government’s officials are prohibited to keep account/assets in foreign countries. Those already having such, must transfer into Pakistan, otherwise resign.

    2. A-Z Government’s officials are prohibited to establish/run any Industry and/or Trade otherwise resign.

    3. No one can take part in Election, who having dual nationality, foreign residency, foreign assets, foreign Bank Account/s and/or any Industry/trade etc.

    4. A undertaking from each participant of Election, Non having as stated in no.3, even Never thinks about, otherwise all National plus Foreign assets will be taken by Pakistan Government and no case will be lodged.

    5. Pakistan Visa must be same requirements/condition and even Fee as the applicant’s Country.

    6. Prohibited land/property to be sold other than Pakistan Nationals.

    7. 1-Province to makes unity for all languages (Pakistanis) also to minimize the Government expense instead Of 4-provinces.

    God Bless Pakistan..

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