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Lets Revive Neighbor Hood Communities


There was a time when we used to know our neighbor and we used to have great personal relation with them in-fact our most close friend are neighbor where we used to play with each other , where we share our problems not even that much in-fact the most active people for helping each other are our neighbor .

On the other hand sometime I used to remember the naughty thing we used to do, Specially while playing cricket and when ball goes in another neighbor and whole team is thinking how to get ball in afternoon time, where that anti will shout on us but in the end she will give the ball and saying next time if you through the ball you won’t get it ! what a days, still remember the moment of child hood and so the relation we build with each other as one & remember on 9-10th Moharram we used to cook NIAZ and we all never see difference of Shia or Sunni we just be all get to gather as one for the respective events and guess what we all act on wedding of our neighbor as the wedding celebration is going in our home . Did you remember? The days of happiness and unity we used to have.

However we used to know that they are our neighbor, but in today time when we used to go out we don’t even know who is neighbor nether we don’t have that kind of relation with them we used to have in early time. Any religion teach to build good relation with your neighbor, share your happiness and so sadness because they are the one will be there for you on right time when you in need.

Close your eyes for 1 min and just remind your old days with the relation we used to have with our neighbor.

What happen now? Why don’t you know your neighbor? Why don’t your know are they in any problems?

If you give respect you will get respect, and so if you care for someone you will get care, it’s just every person have its own way of caring .



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