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KISAS – DEEAT as per Holy Quran


We, as society in particullar and as Muslim society, at large, are again totally confused/failed to get the exact/true guidlines, as per the doctrine of Qur’an, on the burning issue of murder case of Shahzeb Khan. the countless talk shows of all tv chanells & most of the available Muftis & Moulanas (as usual) failed to give their clear verdict on the deed of pardon (Deeat) between family of Shahzeb & the murderer SHAHRUKH JATOI. I am surprised about miss/incomplete interpretation of Quranic Hidaya/ Surats about Kassas & Deeat by our learned/proud Ulamas, who appear on tv many times but always un-clear, But of course, Jinab Jawaid Ahmed Ghamdi, appeared as an exception.

APPLICABLE STATE LAW ??, refering Constitution of Pakistan, (Which based on “Resolution of Objectives”) Preamble is clear says, “wherein, the Muslims shall be enabled to order their lives in the individual and collective spheres in accordance with the teachings and requirements of Islam as set out in the holy Qur’an and Sunnah”, if our nation stands on it as yet, then please refer Quran, Surah Baqrah, Ayay 178/179, enough to sort out a transparent solution/Justice on this matter, please open the Holy Quran and read (get holy guidelines) without any relagiuos consultancy. refering the same as follows:

1- Surah Baqrah Ayat 178, read from “Ya Ayyohallazina Aamanoo Kutiba Alaikum…. to…Bill unsaa”. meaning (A)”Aiy Iman walo tum par FARZ hai keh jo naahaq marey jaain, un sey “KHOON KA BADLA LO”. Azad kay badley Azad, Ghulam ke badley Ghulam, Aurat key badley Aurat… (Allah Subhanahu, further elaborated this portion of Aya in Ayat No.44/45, Surah AL-Maidah). (B) cont…reading from..” Faman ufiya lahu min akheehi…….to…..falahoo azabun azeem. (end of Aya 178)…meaning..”too jis kay liyee us key bhai ke taraf sey kuch maafi hoi to bhalai sey taqaza ho or achi tarah ada ho…….and so on (pls read complete translation).

A- It is indeed/without any doubt, a clear order/ (TAAZEER-E-QURAN) of ALLAH SUBHANAHU TA’ALA, to execute/kill/punish (KISSAS IS COMPULSION) the person who committs sin/crime of murder, in any case,(of-course punishment should be under free & fair trial).

B- in this portion of Aya, Allah Subhanahu Taala, allowed Afoo or Deeat, but on conditions of absolutely free will/choice of the diseased family. Also this Afoo/Deeat is to be considered just a concession of Allah, on three possible aspects (i) He (Allah) have sifat of Raheem-O-Karim (ii) to Avoid further Tribal clash, which is now not applicable in this particular case.(iii) if The murdered person is the only bread earning person for the family, so the Deeat amount may help the deceased family financially. However, even this aspect is also not applicable in this case, as the family of the deceased is (sounds) financially quite sound.


Allah Subhanahu Taala Continuing his will for compulsion of Kisas on Ayat no 179 (Surah Baqrah) again, as “Walakum filkisasi hayatuin ya uoolil albabi la’allakum tat’taqoon.” meanings….”Aur Khoon ka badla (kisas) lainey main tumhari zindagi hai aey aqalmando, keh tum kahin bacho (falah pao). in other words, Kisas is not only the punishment of the committed crime/sin, but it is the ultimate assurance of security of lives & humanity/that society.


1-Above Ayat 178,ist phase(A) pronounced the clear verdict/order to demand Kasas, as compulsion, without any doubt, by Allah Subha’nahu Ta’ala. which bounds Us/Muslims to bow down our heads before HIM..

2- Phase (B) of same Aya, has given some concessions on certain conditions, but these conditions are not applicable in this particular case.. even though Allah Ta’ala does not seems happy on it…..that is why…

3-…He/Allah Subha’anahu Ta’ala immediately asked (in very next Ayat179) & showed his priority will for taking Kasas and He pronounced Kasas as ” Life for humanity”.

At last, not the least, can we, as Muslim society can even think to betray the clear orders & will of Almighty Allah, whose ultimate sovereignty on the entire universe is UN-questionable??.

Considering the above facts of holy Qur’an, the entire intelligentsia of vibrant Media, Civil Society, Ill-Informed Members (especially few honorable Khawateens appearing on TV screens) of prime NGO”S, social Media & Honorable Judiciary & MUFTIS/ULAMAI DEEN, are requested to join hands to bring Shahrukh Jatoi & many other (listed well above 5000 criminals now) Criminals/Murderers are in Que for death sentence.
In case of loose laws in CPC, for Kisas & Deeat, it has to be further stregnthens as per the spirit of Qur’an, in the larger interest of Ummah.

Above translation of Ayats has been submitted exactly as per available translation of one of the greatest Scholars/Mufti & AAlim on many Ulooms of sub -continent, even though if, any of the readers feel any reservation on above debate/translation, are welcome to give his guidelines in order to correct myself,accordingly.



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