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The situation of karachi old city area after 24hrs of blast


Tuesday 28th of December 2009:
After Saneha Karachi, I went to BOLTON MARKET to Solemnize with the Shopkeeper of Karachi for their Losses. The Team started the ROAD TRIP from the Exact Blast-Site. There was no BLAST CURATOR in there, showing that it was a SUCIDAL BLAST But there were deep holes on the walls around the AREA. The Diameter of these Holes for 2-2.5 Inches suggesting it went faster than bullets.

A few meters away, Perfume Market & Plastic Market were still burning & Fire brigades were working on it. It was our observation that the Compound of Phosphor as used in MARRIOT HOTEL ISLAMABAD fire was used. Because the Fire remain un-settled with out any effect from those Firemen massive effort to bring the Fire down.

We `ve also observed the planning of this Attack was also done systematically as the whole market been sandwiched in fire from Main-Road and behind Road. A Couple of buildings were tilting and were near to collapse & the people were waiting to see that happen. We also noticed the Crowd acted irresponsible & were showing in Numbers, with limited Security Personnel available, the area can be re-targeted for Terror Attacks.

The scenes were Draconic & can’t be explained in words, the Insane miscreants ruined PEOPLE source to Bread & Butter. Some shop keeper said their 20years journey their youth long effort ends today.

It was scenes of Bizarre on their faces, the aging eyes couldn`t see their Life-long effort turning in to Ashes. When we asked few Shop keeper they told us, no one visited them yet & they still waiting for Government to announce relief package for them.

May Allah help them recover their Losses! People of Pakistan are ready to help their brothers in their High time of EXAMINATION & PATIENCE.


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