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Judicial Dictatorship


I am not an intellectual and neither do I wish to be listed as one but still, I do not know why people consider me the right person to answer some questions. I remember once at university someone asked me what the main problem of this country is and my answer was “preference”. If you observe issues around you will find this #AzlanKiTheory (Azlan’s Theory) correct.

Once again today someone has proven me right and I am talking about the strange decision of LHC. My encounter with this news was quite interesting. I was half asleep when I reached the breakfast table and suddenly I saw the newspaper and all of my sleep vanished and anger replaced it.

Since then, I am angry and constantly wondering what LHC is trying to prove and where is it heading to. LHC has a track record of letting criminals go by giving them benefit of the doubt, and making such nationwide famous decisions that create a wave of unrest.

It seems as if the latest target of men in black of Lahore High Court is the online world, the cyberspace of Pakistan. First, there was a ban on Facebook, Youtube and some other sites and now they want to create a total blackout. No wonder their favorite color is black.

I have seen many examples of ungratefulness. Unfortunately, it is one of the signature quality we all Pakistani have, but this one is unique. I can still remember the kind of support “Lawyers movement” got from cyberspace. Now after more than 16 months of free judiciary, I find that movement something like a joke or a fraud which is referred as green garden in a famous Urdu proverb.

I am saying this not because of anger. I am saying this because of my observation. Can anyone tell me at least one decision by the free judiciary that has made a positive impact on the life of common man like me and many around? What I have seen so far is just a drama being staged in court rooms and action scenes and stunts being performed outside courts and on roads. The word justice has changed its colour. I think I am diverting from my main topic which I think is an indication that I am angry.

Banning 9 sites, from what I see, is just a beginning. I can see some more bans to come. Maybe this is the time that we can enjoy internet for the last few days. Yes, maybe the whole internet will have to face ban in Pakistan and we will go back to the Stone Age courtesy Lahore High Court and people who have created or following such mentality.

We have experienced military dictatorship in this country now it’s time to face judicial dictatorship. The way things are going it will not be surprising to hear that someone has put ban on Alphabets in Pakistan as they were being used in creating blasphemous content. As I said earlier, we have problem of our preferences.

We claim that we are doing all this in the love of our prophet (S.A.W.) and his teachings. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) defeated infidelity by keeping the infidel alive and we all know the impact of this practice.

We always claim our love but we practice always opposite to what he did as we always target the infidel and let infidelity grow


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