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Its time to Wakeup my Friends My Nation.


Since a year i am thinking to do something very different & give a strong message to our Govt & our other officials that we are not dumb nation, We just silent because we want peace but now time comes to wakeup to show our strength our power, Consumer Power 3days ago I watched a video of Shahzaman related to Boycott Electricity Bill. After watched that video an idea comes in my mind that why not we all make our videos & upload it on different channel & share it with our friends. We are educated nation & we have to protest in a educated way, Road Block, Destroy our own assets, Burning public properties & tyres is not a solution or the right way of protest.

I request to all of you that make a video through your Camera or Mobile phone, Upload it on youtube or any other video channel with the subject of “Boycott of Electricity bill Nov 2010 against load sheding (Pakistan)”

Remember video length should not be more then 3min & Spread this message as much as you can.




  1. Tasneem Rehmani 2 November, 2010 at 02:13 Reply

    good to know that there are people in Pakistan who start thinking in a right way….But why this nation can’t come out of the polititions’ magic again and again.Why they don’t trust themseleves.Why they still follow the british policies.Your idea is good but how many people have fb in Pakistan..You guys, should go door to door among public and educate the public about awareness of electing right can’t run your nation by sitting in drawing rooms and send messages on computer.You should go in the community.You should start work from grass roots.If u need my help..i’m available.Please start a movement against croooks,thieves, gangsters,dakoooooo,polititions and bring your own leaders from your own areas.Who do know your problems.who share the problems with you.

  2. M. Faisal Ansari 3 November, 2010 at 18:50 Reply

    I totally agree with u ppl that we should boycott the nov 2010 bills but I havve one query, what will we do when KESC will cut the main line & takeout the meters from our home? how will we react to that or what is the plan to overcome this expeced reply from KESC? I suggest we must find out that wht will b our legal position in that awkward scenario & then we should go for it bcs its overdue now to react!

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