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increasing national debt (Faisal Nadeem Khan)


Firstly i would appreciate a positive movement proposed on the forum. Really, all such steps, if we initiate in a collective manner the possibility of develping the communities who are interested to drive the positive change in Pkistan, will keep on increasing.

But, on the other hand, i would like to draw the attention of my beloved fellows towards the fact that with the increasing national debt (mainly due to financial mismangement and dishonest attitude of our leadership) we are contineously losing our control over the on increasing oil and other commodity prices. This is a fact that IMF and other monetory organizations who lend mony to Pakinstan dont release the next installments if our govt donot increase commodity prices, as demanded. Otherwise, they dont believe Pak govt would be able to pay back the loan installments. On the other hand we are reducing our national income by selling our profit making national assets like Pakistan steel on rock botming prices and turning all proven earning resources like PIA, OGDCL, banks and others organisatons as loss making to sell them cheap with a statement that such acts are necessary to pay back and reduce the national debt as well as annual loss.

It is really very difficult to say! what could be the root cause treatment to cure our national tragedy that despite of having a free piece of land to live, exactly as we idealised, we are feeling more unsecure and moving towards desater with every passing day. Although the increased signs of resitance is a positive cahnge but on the other hand, time is demanding us to do more than that; an organised and honest polical change in Pakistan focused on main problems of pakistan like
*A clear demarkation between write and wrong starting from our house eg by paying full electricity bill, irrespective of our location in pakistan.
* Developement of organised social circles to discuss how to promote honesty, elemination of linguistic and ethenic issues in a peaceful and positive manner. This may be through incrasing our circles from few friends to mosques, from mosques to social gatherings and keep on increasing till we reach assemblies. Continual development of organised approach till elimination of internal threats to our nation, society and existance of our homeland. Since if we contiue to exist as Islamic republic of Pkistan we will see inshallah our bright future soon.
*Accountability of corrupt invidiuals, either they belong to armed forces or to any other civil services as well as politicians. Every one may get questioned when they openly offend the national interests and they should not live unaccounted inside or outside pakistan.

Lets start such practical steps from our door step and lets start brain stroming, how may we strengthen ourselves to save our home land and work for its prosperity. May Allah help us all and help us to help ourselves………………….

Live long Pakistan………………………..


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