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  • National Anthem World Record Attempt by Akhuwat

    Akhuwat plans to organize an event on 14th August showcasing the solidarity of our nation. They aim to gather people all over Pakistan to sing the national anthem in celebration of our independence day. This activity will promote a positive image of Pakistan around the world. They plans to gather up to 275,000 people in 500 branches across 300 cities on 14th August ...
  • Hamid Mir Shot, who did and why?

    ​​حامد میر پر حملہ کیسے ہوا، کس نے کرایا اور کیوں محمد عبد الحمید پانی صاف ہو تو اس کی تہ نظر آ جاتی ہے لیکن اگر اسے گدلا کر دیا جائے تو سچائی جاننا مشکل ہو جاتا ہے۔ حامد میر پر حملہ کے معاملہ میں خود اس کے اپنے ادارہ نے اتنی گرد اڑائی ہے کہ بہت کچھ دھندلا ...
  • Beautiful Karachi covered in TimeLapse

    A short 6 min movie clips showcasing the beauty of the beautiful city Karachi covered in TimeLapse & video clips. This is just the start of a journey which will not stop until the whole Pakistan is covered. Karachi Timelapse & Video – FULL by israr-shah
  • Kabab is Behari, Biryani is Sindhi…..

    * The man who gave you the first cricket world cup was a Pathan * The Prime Minister who started Pakistan’s Nuclear Program was a Sindhi * The singer who single handedly made Pakistan’s music admired globally was a Punjabi * The Pilot who shot down 5 Indian fighter Jets within a minute was a Bengali * The person who ...

    SAFETY WARNING! KHI – In view of the present security conditions and the crackdown operation against “Target Killing” all security agencies have gone into a super pro-active mode. Therefore you are requested to adhere to the following rules of common sense! Kindly carry all VALID vehicle documentation, Original NIC & Driver’s License etc. (Your fancy corporate visiting card will not ...

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