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Helicopters for VVIP of Pakistan



So Brothers IMF Half Loan spend on Helicopters so now half is balance lets see whats next 🙂


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  1. Sami 1 February, 2009 at 21:16 Reply

    Strange , there is no such reference of person who is buying an helicopter and media is converting them an issue or this is might be truth of this newspaper .

    Where this news paper mention . I suggest them not to give priority to this kind of word to make people divert for useless issue , Make them motivated each and every person of Pakistan to work as individual to finish or reduce the problem of food , where there is one person who is earning and others people are burden on him , if one even get down for one day where whole family is empty of stock . this is one of the main cause . First get in the situation where to save your self then try to help . I suggest this media make our economy motivated emotionally but in right way to make them busy except the intension of selling their news paper . No hard feeling but this is what I thought

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