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Harsh Facts about People of Pakistan


Let me share my story with all of you regarding the injustice society we are living in Pakistan. if you like than publish it or discard.

Feb 2013 i bought a residential apartment in Bukhari Commercial, That time my office was located in Clifton near Teen Talwar a bit far from my home, So i decided to shift my office close to my apartment.

My real estate broker showed me lots of places & finally at the end of Feb 2013, he found me a nice place to hire. After all types of paper work & agreed commission, i got the possession on 6th March of new office. At the time of possession i gave 11 post dated cheques to Estate broker in front of Landlord. Out of these 11 cheques 03 were of Rs.28000/- including deposit of 3 months and other 08 cheques of Rs.14000/- for monthly rent.

To be honest on my floor there were 3 mezzanines, one was occupied, one was empty & one i took possession. After i moved in very next day a lady take that vacant space for her tailoring & designing stuff. I received the remark from the building Estate agent Abdul Jabbar ”Trust Mart” that i am a lucky champ for them because all Ground floor shops & mezzanine were empty but once i moved in within a month all premises were occupied.

As soon as the new tenant on the mezzanine floor moved in her electrician was working on Electric meters, He realized that all 03 mezzanines working on same electric meter, i was informed about this and i called to Landlord estate broker “Trust Mart” Abdul Jabbar & brief him whole story. Constant calling for 3 days to him, finally he settled down the issue of electricity for all mezzanine floor offices & provided us separate paid bills. Also my bill was paid by them on 10th march with meter reading 898 which i verified & now all offices have their separate meters. Alhamdulillah!

Now Let’s find out the cheap issue from the estate agent and his ”Badmashi” which hurt me the most and made me think are we really Muslim, do we really have ethics, values and norms? Do we really follow the real Islam?

One beautiful morning on 4th of April i received electric Bill of 13 units Rs.7113/- It really shocked me and i went to that landlord estate agent Abdul Jabbar and showed him the bill he said bluntly that it’s not his headache that he gave me paid bill & got confirmation from me about meter reading 898, so simply pay this bill. I never used this much electricity and i wasn’t sure what to do so i went to KESC office to confirm the bill and its amount.

KESC replied after checking the bill that it was paid on 10th March 2013 but the bill you received its billing date is Feb 2012 and these are the previous arrears  & that landlord or his estate Broker are doing a Fraud with you to make you pay this bill.

I came back to Trust Mart & tell the estate agent everything about Bill but he was insisting that it’s not my headache you should clear it then i asked him landlord telephone number which he refused to give me but when i insisted to him he provided me landlord number. I called landlord Akhtar Javed & told him the entire story also told him about his estate agents stance on the situation.

Landlord replied that he will call to estate agent Jabbar and he will make him pay the bill after verifying from KESC

Finally i felt satisfied and said OK and told them to let me know once its paid. After this incident 2 weeks passed but i didn’t got any reply from both, so i assumed that they paid that bill. After 2weeks Abdul Jabbar estate agent messaged me and said that he wants to meet me and inform me the situation, without any hesitation i replied that yes come to my home as i was not feeling well that day, he came with the same bill & said to me that Owner is not willing to pay full amount, He is saying that you should pay Rs.2500/- and balance will be paid by us

I replied that why i should pay that Rs.2500/? You have to give me cleared bill till Feb 2013 when i took the possession, it’s not my responsibility to clear your previous bills and my responsibility starts after my possession date. He kept on insisting and blackmailing that I have to resolve this issue and i must pay even though it doesn’t make any logic or sense but this is Pakistan logic doesn’t work only the one who has the power or courage to speak loud that only works. The one who got the stick got the cow.  My final answer to him was that it’s not my responsibility to pay bills before March 2013.

He went back but didn’t give up and sent me an SMS after 2 days that owner is not willing to pay, you are not willing to pay that what should he do. Should he give me notice to vacant their office?  I replied that ok fine let me release your office but you should pay my deposit amount & other expenses which i paid for shifting and other electrical, plumbing work i had to carry out in order to move in to your place.

He bluntly refused once again to pay back any expenses happened what so ever. Then again i asked him to provide me cleared bill till Feb 2013 and i won’t demand any expenses amount and will continue as your tenant. He replied that he has given it to me already but i told him which thing he doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand that its Feb 2012 not 2013 bill as per KESC confirmation and clearly mention in that bill, you just paid the bill of March 2013 but i think you are not in your senses. He replied with very harsh words & said don’t waste my time and contact your estate Broker, so i called to Imran (Abdullah Estate) my broker who showed me that office at first place. He confirmed that Abid bhai don’t worry i will handle the building estate agent and i shouldn’t worry about it.

Next day Imran my estate agent called and said that he discussed with Jabbar ”Trust Mart” he gave me option that i should stop payment of next cheque, pay the bill and give them cash amount after deduction of Bill amount but requested to adjust at least Rs.1000/- which was not an issue for me so i agreed on this proposal from their side.

On their request  i sent letter to my bank and stopped payment of that respective cheque of Rs.28000/- dated 10th of May 2013 and  informed to Imran ”Abdullah estate agent” that i did as they requested, now he should convey the message to Jabbar ”Trust Mart”

He called me back in the evening and said yes Jabbar ”Trust Mart” confirmed that all is perfect as they wanted.

Now on 14th May 2013 once again i received a call from landlord that why given cheque has bounced and returned. I replied that your estate agent Jabbar from ”Trust Mart” asked me to stop payment of that cheque and after deducting the bill amount i should pay balance amount as a cash to him. When i told this to the landlord he said Jabbar didn’t mention to him anything about this arrangement but ok fine he will talk to him and let me know the outcome. On 15th of may my estate agent Imran called and said to come to ”Trust Mart” office. I went there as agreed, landlord was there as well as Jabbar & my estate broker Imran was also there but one more person was there Mr.Zulfiqar owner of ”TrustMart”

When i entered in the office Mr. Zulfiqar started shouting on Imran and said that don’t dare to do business with us next time that it is ridiculous that just for Rs.6000 your party’s cheque returned and many more things which i don’t consider appropriate to describe here. I replied to him that listen Mr. whatever is your name, your person Jabbar said to me that stop payment of that cheque and after deducting of electricity bill dues you give us remaining amount in cash so take your cash & stop shouting and stop misbehaving and talk like an honourable person. Instead of accepting the payment  he withdraw Rs.6000 from his pocket & said take this amount clear this bill & leave that mezzanine floor. I said Keep this Rs. 6000 with you don’t show me your attitude & first ask your representative Jabbar about the story and again telling you that stop shouting as i can shout louder then you but i don’t want to talk the same. He simply lied and replied that his representative hasn’t said this to me whereas Abdul Jabbar was sitting there and stayed silent and didn’t accept the fact that he has asked me to do so. I stood up and said ok fine i don’t want to talk with this kind of  liar & fraud who has lost their faith for few pennies. Landlord was also very angry as he hasn’t been told the truth but as he was old age person i didn’t debate with him but just said that this person is lying in front of you and he told me that he talked with you and got confirmation from your side to stop payment of that but now he is denying as he had the full intention to make situation worst.

Story hasn’t finished as when i  was leaving their office he again said on my back that “Kaisai Kaisai log ajatai hain” dont dare to come to our office next time. I move back & said “mujhai bhi koi shauq aap tum jaisai badtameez logon sai milnai ka” and i left their office. After few minutes Imran came to my office gave me Rs.6500/- and said that abid bhai take this 6500/- and request to leave the office end of this month.

I have been so much mentally tortured for the thing which i have nothing to do with and only that i wanted to be a fair and honest tenant without causing any issues to anyone. When i think again and again on the entire situation i come to think about few questions which would like to get answer from all the readers and association of DHA.

1. Why we blame only MQM & Other Political Parties for Badmashi & Corruption whereas In Karachi everyone is ”Badmash” in his own premises or in his area?

2. Why i should leave that office whereas i haven’t done anything wrong with them? Who will pay the expenses which is around Rupees 60,000/- on shifting, fixtures & fittings

3. Estate Brokers should have some respect to talk with their clients and Business ethics, norms, values and most of all behaviour to live in this society that how to deal with decent people. It’s not only about me i don’t know how many more are going through the same terrible experiences just because they are not ”Badmash”

Now i want to get Justice from Associations of DHA/Clifton & Need Public Opinion on the entire situation to deal with such culprits in the society and i demand my consumer, civil and society rights. I have been humiliated and dealt with such disgrace in the entire situation. Decision is yours i did my part living in this society to raise my voice to demand my rights and public apology for their misbehaviour.

Thank you for dedicating your time for reading my story and looking at the real picture of the society we are living in now a days.



  1. Haseeb 16 May, 2013 at 14:29 Reply

    Blaming MQM has nothing to do with this story.
    If the whole society is corrupt it does not mean that you can not point out someone’s specific corruption.
    You should have checked with KESC before moving in that all the arrears are paid.
    As far as justice is concerned you should check if the courts, DHA have any forum which can address your issue.
    If i remember correctly there was an estate agent in phase 2 ext. named Jabbar, If he is the same guy. A big fraud. We caught his lies before doing the purchase. I hope there is a forum which can address issues like these and sort these people out.

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