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Give us Dr.Aafia & Take your RAYMOND DEVIS


RAYMOND DEVIS ( American Consulate in Lahore ) killed Faizan and Faheem by firing and drives over Abdur rehman..!! Also Injures 3 women and 2 men who tried to come near the area..!!

Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Muhammad Aslam Tarin confirmed that all three deceased had no previous criminal records, adding that none of them had robbed or fired at the diplomat.

Little bit comparison of Dr.Aafia & RAYMOND DEVIS

A commando of US intelligence agency (Black Water) killed 3 people with an illegal weapon in Lahore & claimed to fire in self defense.

Us embassy has refused to cooperate with Pakistan & demanding his immediate release

A Pakistani citizen, she was just charged with the intention to kill US soldiers…. but she NEVER KILLED them…

Sexual & Mental torture for 5yrs & then finally sentence of 80yrs prison with full support of Pakistani Govt

Why the difference? Is a random US Citizen above Pakistani Law? Its time to make a call “Give us Aafia & We return your RAYMOND DEVIS”

Brothers and sisters.. spread the word.. participate in that event Give us Dr.Aafia & Take your RAYMOND DEVIS as much as you can and let us plan to fill the streets like Tunisia and Egypt and demand the real change in our system and leadership..


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