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Freedom, Freedom only Freedom


If somebody will ask me that what the basic essence of my aim is, I will say Freedom, Even if i am stripped of my Words the only word will remain with me will be Freedom. It doesn’t end here, Even in the Last Death bed I would choose freedom as my last wish. I don’t say that Freedom is the biggest word in this world, definitely love is bigger than freedom, but the history says that the roots for lust is deep rooted, the lust of power don’t come down easy. People, with their selfishness try to fool others. The tyrant is addicted to his tyranny & consider it as his right, & he thinks nobody could dethrone his tyranny, thou he will never consider your words. So will you never fight for your basic rights? He shows it with its aggression, he thinks he will occupy & he is not a listener to your sounds. So will you not fight for your basic rights? Will you give your future generation the loads of these heavy chains of obedience!! If your answer is “NO”!! Then you must know that you are in depth of this slavery & you can’t find your head or feet in this pitch black. You`ve stopped your own hand by your own hand. Yes i will say that you ve forget your own face & your forgotten your domain. Your every anticipation is wrong, plus you can see the Oceans of Darkness in between the truth & lies, for this your every decision is wrong. Every Day with a New Excuse, One sick lame-excuse In fact I am sick of all these Repeated Questions.

Problem identification to solving them with criticism on it, i am getting tired of all this. The problems of Flour, sugar, heavy electricity bills & increased terrorism won’t resolve that easy. A Slave nation had to face such problems in their slavery. Whatever you plan or think you’ve to redeemed & start from the foundation course & for this you need a revolution- people`s revolution. The tyrant will try to shattered this, they will derail the direction of this, but i say this is a war & it will happen & as a result of this it will bury the Anarchy & tyranny once n for all.

We definitely need peace, bread, justice, jobs & to drive out poverty. We need cheap Utility for our daily work but for all this we would require FREEDOM INDEPENDENCE. Full of Esteem Nations don’t compromise on their sovereignty & independence & they eat dry bread for their eyes always seek a beautiful future.

We are all wandering in Darkness of no hope, our milestones are stretched away from us. The legacy of Musharaf & his campanion had stricken us in deep holes, where Zardari or Gilani still find themselves entrapped. Nawaz & co. playing the so-called opposition & waiting for their time to come in power Whenever i seek questions they all have lame excuses for which i feel sorry for them, & i think its only because of the Slave minded approach they have.

The Author of Mind wars, Jonathan D. Moreno is famous for his activism against Weapon of Mass Destruction, says that our weapons are produced between our 2-Ears & Mind. If you make your enemy belief that they can be defeated in a War… which will make them feel they’ve lost the battle at the very start. For these lots of Government spends good budget on propaganda war-fare. In Developed Countries, research on Neuro Science is done to kill the enemy psychological & for this they developing different methodologies. 21st Centuries only those Nations will succeed who can physiologically break others & our ahead in the research of Neuro Sciences. My stress is the same point we have to increase our mental strength and should wipe out the Slavery from our minds.


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  1. neel123 7 February, 2010 at 16:32 Reply

    Freedom in your own country and society…. not in America or Europe.

    When you are outside your home and society, you must learn to live by the rules of that nation.

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