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Facebook Groups Admin Meetup Details


Today i invited 183 facebook groups admin to just for introduce each other but only MRP, PYR, ThinkPakistan group admin reach there, Some are give excuse on phone, Some give on sms, Awab Alvi, Sarfraz Khan, Muhammad Faizan & Ahad hashmi also join us. I give them a document which i want to discuss there read it below,

I Own Pakistan Group (CAUSES)

1. To develop a very strong & responsible art, news media, entertainment and films to represent truly the feelings, ambitions, cultures and customs prevailing in Pakistan.
That was my Third Step: I am trying to contact people related to news agencies, paper & tv media for that cause & push them to stop spread negativity of Pakistan and start to show the positive image of Pakistan, I am also working to discover Pakistan for that I am finalizing a trip of Pakistan with the name of Unity of Pakistan

2.To develop awareness of ideology of Pakistan and our founding leaders
Thats was my Second Step: All related event organized by any group or forum I submit it on twitter, blogs, different forums & Social networking sites for support them & to develop awareness to get success in that cause & I want that you people also do that.

3. Change the nation thought and make it positive.
That was My First step when i started that group: Counter all negative material on the net available against Pakistan and upload nice images, videos on net and share it every forum, blog & Social network sites, I also started Green News project to sms Positive & motivational news to our subscribers

4. Make Pakistan a Powerful, Educated and purely independent country.
For That cause I need all Pakistanis support as its not possible without you people support

5. Till 2010 not a single Pakistani is poor or jobless. The whole nation happy and proud to be Pakistani.
For that cause I also need you people support

6. A person who have any disability but have talent then we explore his/her talent in locally and international level.
For that I talked with different channels to start a show with the name of “Hero of Pakistan” & in that show we invite people who have any kind of talent but don’t have resourses to explore it to whole world, We invite disable people who work for survive themselves and their family & forget that they have any disability and after interview and small intro package we give them award of “Hero of Pakistan”

‘Creating Awareness for unjust VIP or VVIP Movements in Pakistan’ Project

You all know that every one fade up with VIP or VVIP movements in Pakistan, When a normal MPA or MNA comes on the road that on his/her route every signal every streets are blocked till that he/she cross that road and just because of that sometime ambulances are also stopped and lots of time people dead in the ambulances. Lots of time we need to reach urgently somewhere but just because of this nonsense we need to be stop 10min, 20min and sometimes 30min. You all people know that in Karachi if just 5min traffic jammed on shahrah e faisal or any other main road then its cleared must be after 20 to 30 min sometimes one hour too.

So before protest it on roads i want to complete our work through this forum

Noble price for Abdul Sattar edhi
If we all youth groups, Media people, Civil society & other professional join hand on that cause and make a pressure group to bring noble price for Abdul sattar edhi then its our big achievement and we can feel our strength if we get success on that project


It’s a Pakistan trip project, The main objective of that trip to conversation with different part of Pakistanis listen their views, talk with them & solve their problems through media to pressurize govt authorities & in that trip we engage local people with other area people & try to bring them more close with each other to help the united of this nation again.

Second objective to explore different hidden part of Pakistan, To explorer wild life and natural beauty of Pakistan because since 2 to 3 years Pakistan’s tourism almost now Zero. We need to market our country again & invite world to come Pakistan and explore its natural beauty.

Third objective to explore their area historical places and make a proper documentary on that place and these area people their culture.

Fourth objective to explore Pakistan wild life as we have variety of birds variety of different animals which is still not covered by any camera properly

Fifth objective to explore our local manufactured products & our talented people from all over the country and bring them on front of the whole country & the whole world its helpful for us to market our local manufactured products in the international market

Sixth objective to give little presentation about their rights, their health & about nationalism in every city & village that why Quaid e Azam, Allama iqbal and other people effort to make Pakistan & what’s the ideology behind it and now what we need to do & how can we remove this terrorism from our country & make Pakistan more stronger more develop country in the whole world

Green Baba Project

Green baba is a symbol of happiness & love, Green Baba give solution of nation’s problems on Radio or Tv. People call him live and tell him their problems & with the support of forces & Govt officials Green baba solved their problems and try to give the nation happiness and simle on their face.

Pakistan is the symbol of PEACE Project

I already designed a trip around the world by road and member of this trip visit each part of that world & give them presentation about Pakistan and try to aware other nation that Pakistan is not the terrorist country we are peace loving and very talented nation, Pakistan is atomic power but we are not aggressive nation like others we just keep it for our defence, We have best army, best agricultural system, Have huge reserves of minerals, Oil & other natural resourses. So explore it invest in our country earn money & help us to develop our country.

Project to reduce our Govt officials exps

As we all know that whats the expenditure of Govt officials so if we all join hand on that project and make a pressure group which is work on that & force them to reduce their exps

Motivational Videos
Write motivational, inspirational quotes and make a videos on that quotes then spread it to all forums, blogs, videos sites & social networking sites.

In the meetup we decide to join hand with each other and support all groups who work for Pakistan, Support them in their events and their activities. We also decide to work on few projects of I Own Pakistan and try to gather all group to do some activities related with Quaid e Azam birthday & 23rd March. I wish that one day we all prove that we are not hajoom we are a Nation. Remember me in your prays.



  1. Baqir Sardar khan 5 December, 2009 at 21:59 Reply

    I read out the abt passage and visited some patriotic sites lyk PYR and your site. In these days i’m in junoon that how can i spread this kinda program of awareness or a revolutionary program with which i can encourage the young and talented nation abt the ideology of Pakistan Quaid-E-Azam and Dr.Allama Iqbal in peshawar. so sir i strongly request you to help me out and if it possible then i wish i could join you people as a representative of NWFP region and so that we can move the whole nation with a single voice. Because the people of NWFP needs this platform as well to show there spirit about Pakistan. By doing this InshaAllah the whole nation will be stand united as they are and due to which this revolution (Inqilab) which now many of our patriotic brother and elders are trying to do. I hope you’ll read my msg and if possible you’ll act on my suggestion and will response me as soon as possible.

    With best Regards.
    Baqir Sardar khan,
    Pakistan Hayatabad, Peshawar

  2. Rumaisa Mohani 6 December, 2009 at 04:46 Reply

    Very timely intitiative indeed! We should keep trying to call all these groups anever give up.. One day all will have to join and work as a team IA.

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