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Desperate Need for more Provinces in Pakistan


Don’t necessarily agree with having more provinces, but the inflation figures are stunning…

Pakistan is the only country in the world with 4 provinces and with 180
million population.

The need of creating more provinces is vital. That is the only way to
address the issues of ethnicity, blackmailing on part of non
productive leaders, local & international terrorism, and international
conspiracies. Pakistan has the lowest number of provinces when
comparing with rest of the world. Creation of 35+ provinces is better
than destabilizing and initiating a break-up of Pakistan. Here is
small data of various parts of the world.

Country Population Provinces GDP 2009

Pakistan ——— 180 million ————— 4 $448 Billion
Turkey ——— 76 million ————– 81 $907 Billion
Iran ———- 66 million ————— 30 $842 Billion
Japan —– 127 million ————- 47 $4.3 Trillion
Indonesia —- 240 million ————– 32 $916 Billion
Algeria —– 34 million ————– 48 $236 Billion
India —– 1.2 Billion ————- 35 $3.2 Trillion
Kenya —— 41 million ————— 26 $62 Billion
France ——- 64 million ————– 26 $2.1 Trillion
Italy ——- 58 million ————– 20 $1.8 Trillion
Hungry —— 10 million ————— 33 $206 Billion
Mexico ——- 111 million ————– 31 $1.6 Trillion
Argentina —- 41 Million ————– 31 $576 Billion
Russia —— 140 million ————- 83 $2.2 Trillion
USA —– 290 million ———— 50 $14.3 Trillion
China ——- 1.3 Billion —– 31 $7.8 Trillion

Perhaps the following may help us in the long run.
1: Each division to become a province. Let people select the name by referendum.
2: Let policing and development be done at the Tehsil level.
3: Commissioner’s budget should be enough for locally elected governor.
4: Abolish the posts of CMs and ministers. Lot of saved money can go for Small Business Development.
5: Let locally elected administrators run the development projects.
6: Existing Judicial system may need few changes.
Creating more provinces will attract investments and economic development situation will improve by decentralization process. This
system has been very successful and effective. Pakistanis need a change for their betterment.

In just Two years of the present Government, the price hike of basic essential items is as follows:-

ATAA (per KG)

13 Rupees
31 Rupees
SUGAR (per KG)
21 Rupees

MILK (Per Liter)
32 Rupees
48 Rupees

53,000 Rupees
63,000 Rupees

30,000 Rupees
40,000 Rupees

16000 points
9000 points

60 Rupees
85 Rupees



PETROL (Per Liter)
45 Rupees
73 Rupees



  1. Dr. Imtiaz Hussain 18 September, 2010 at 07:40 Reply

    Dear Abid Sahib I thank you for adopting my wish in this article. I request you to please go through this page and reply back to my e mail that how I can be of any help to your cause which not only yours but also of any visionful Pakistani
    I salute you for your efforts in restoring Pakistan to its fullest potentials
    May allah save you from all hazards and threats which all faces who start to ponder even here Ameen
    Dr Imtiaz Hussain

  2. malik zahid iqbal 22 September, 2010 at 14:48 Reply

    yeh u r right but the most and astonishing thing to which we all have to think the infrastructure of our schools specially girls school in our kpk and fata. It is a big consipirancy we r in because when u want to destroy some one its the best way to destroy its educational infrastructure as we have seen in the latest attack of israel on ghaza they just targeted the school colleges
    think on it

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