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Conspiracy Against Pakistan


Whenever differences increase, Conspiracy makes a way, When a word Pakistan came in this world, conspiracy starts against Pakistan from that day.The first Conspiracy was tried level best that the country not comes on the map of this world with the name of Pakistan and with the base of Islam, when all the conspiracies failed then they decided that right now accept that division but very soon Tiranga must be comes up in the whole subcontinent.

At the time of division between India and pakistan a biggest conspiracy came with the name of Red Cliff and lots of people were killed because of that conspiracy. Millions of people were shifted to wrong division. Sikh and Muslim fight’s, Kashmir sold, Our rivers occupied, A war which we were about to win but failed die to a table talk, Liaquat ali khan killed, Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah failed in Elections & finally our Pakistan divided in two parts.


Conspiracy continued some were opened some still need to open, A day when Pakistan divided celebrate that moment and openly said that Pakistan’s base was wrong and give us clear message that another part of Pakistan will also be destroyed, International Powers were also not accepted a country which was developed on the base of Islam.  From first day conspiracy was started from first day we are facing problems on our border, Just because of that defence Mr.Bhutto lost his life, Mr Henry kasinger warned Bhutto because of atomic plant. Friendship with USA always gives us tough time, Israel and India always be together.

Against Russian Federation USA used Pakistan and after they won when Mr.Zia gave his tough time to USA then he was killed through plane crash. In Pakistani democracy we never get successes, Again and again Conspiracy against Pakistan then Mr.Sharif arrested because of Musharraf Plane case then a diplomat government was developed by Musharraf and he accepted everything by USA and he was proud on that, War starts against pashtoon, Every beared muslim counted as a Alqaida member.

They made lots of innocent Pakistanis imprisoned even gave them to USA, Conspiracy which were developed in Camp David and CIA Headquarter and they have no issue to implement it in Pakistan, Our borders were not safe, Millions of People outside of their houses, Millions of people were killed, Sardar Bugti killed and just because of that a civil war started in Baluchistan, Benazir Bhutto was killed just because of these conspiracy, Then Mr shokat aziz came and return back and they give us dark future, where is the development where is strong financial position of Pakistan. Shokat aziz give us dreams we believe on him again.

Did you seen Mr.Musharraf on tv what he is doing now and what he is talking about, Our defensive departments already a part of conspiracy, Drown planes why against peace activities, Who give them road map, who give them place to landing which was accepted by Mr Dain Fainstain(officer of Intelligence of USA). Who knows better then Musharraf that whats going against Pakistan’s nation and Paksitan’s Forces.

If he is saying that some countries are involve in conspiracy against our forces and intelligence departments then who they are and if he don’t know then he must be a part of it. That’s the time of Media that Media open that all conspiracy and as well as its now duty of Pakistan’s nation because now we cant leave it only on our Leaders.

Its time to united the nation of Pakistan if we still not united then we can’t stop these conspiracies and we cant do against them they destroy our country because Pakistan is biggest issue of these countries and they never accept it as a country.


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  1. Faisal Chaudhary 5 August, 2010 at 14:43 Reply

    Very true,very clear realities…may all of us,Pakis united against these conspiracies,by the grace of Allah,aamin…

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