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Beli ki Baithak


Today When Raza Hyder killed the whole city was like a Fighting Movie, Everywhere things burned, People were killed & within 20min MQM started blamed on ANP & Mr Rehman Malik said it should be Sipah sahaba or Lashkar e Jhangvi people, Before that incident the whole media & nation talking about Plane Crash, Zardari’s France & Uk Trip, Flood losses in Pakistan & Cameron speech but suddenly the whole scenario was changed the whole media & nation discussing Raza hyder’s killing & Karachi city condition till the end of Namaz e Janaza next day. I am really sad on Raza Hyder’s death not because he belong with MQM but he is a human & a Pakistani. It’s a request that please sit together & resolve all issues because as a Pakistani I want to see happiness in Pakistan

Please stop blaim Game its just give an advantage of Anti Pakistan agencies or countries, Open your eyes & see your real enemy who just try again n again to divide Pakistan destroy Pakistan, Remember that Pakistan is only Atomic Islamic power, the only Islamic country who have strong Airforce, Army & Navy, the only Islamic country where still people united on Tauheen e Risalat type laws.

Nobody interested to know about Plane Crash reality that why its happened, Why black box not found till 3rd day even after one hour we heard a news that it was found but then disappeared, Where were those 7 passengers who found injured but alive that is news of lots of Channels. Why Rehman Malik announces after 20min of Plane Crashed that everyone was dead even he didn’t see the place where plain was crashed.

Since my childhood time lots of Pakistan’s famous personalities were killed, lots of big incident happened, Lots of Pakistani’s were killed but we didn’t got the real picture or true story WHY? Why we involve our country in “War against Terror” & since the time of war started 1000’s of Pakistanis were killed in Drone attacks, Suicide attacks, Target killing, after 9/11 incident more then 4times people were killed in Pakistan. We have to revise our policies we have to see the reality we have to investigate it that who is behind in Baluchistan issue, Target killing, Suicide attacks, Who wants to destabilize our Pakistan.

Since October 2008 I am trying to united my nation through I Own Pakistan Group & did small activities for that, Today I decide to bring each n every single cast people of Pakistan through a programme “Beli ki Baithak” I am searching Pro Pakistan people from every cast like Sindhi, Baloch, Panjabi, Muhajir, Kashmiri, Pathan, Pakhtoon, Sirayeki, Gujrati, Khoja Shia, Bohri, Memon, Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Ismaili etc. We will sit together with Positive approach & Positive thoughts, Will discuss on each n every single issue of Pakistan & will bring a solution which should be acceptable for everyone. This baithak will held after every 15days or every week or once in month. Just one condition before enter in that baithak that you should be Pakistani.

Rules & Regulation:
1. Participants should be Pakistani by nationality & by heart

2. Nobody is allowed to get direct with any of the member though he/she have the right to express his/her disappointment while addressing the whole bethak.

3. If any participants tries or attempt to misbehave with other participants then we shell immediately ask them to leave or may ban him/or from the bethak.

4. We gather to solve problems & unite our nation so come with open heart and proper preparations.

I have to say one thing more that a person killed in any part of Pakistan he/she is Pakistani nothing else & we have to stop this killing.



  1. mrsalmanjafri 4 August, 2010 at 22:08 Reply

    how about a twitter list to do a bethaik on twitter and advertise as a list – get people to follow so you can expand twitter list call it beli ki bethak on twitter – make a list named that and advertise it on Facebook and twitter and do your baithak – also list you should tell the people in list that you are doing baithak i will wait to see what twitter do in terms telling people on lists from owners end that event is taking place to those on the list and those following the list – i dont think twitter can do that now but it wont take long for them to do it if someone requests it

  2. Subhash Malik 5 August, 2010 at 00:24 Reply

    Hi Bhai,
    I am subhash malik and i am from hissar, Haryana, India. when i read your view, i am so impressed. Agar sab aap ki tarah soche to fir har masla hi hal ho jaye. Bhai hame future ka sochna hai. main aapse aur bhi jyada except kar raha hu. Hamara koi dushman nhi hai. hum apne aap ke dhushman hai. Chahe India ho ya Pakistan

  3. Sana Samad Khan 5 August, 2010 at 01:52 Reply

    I certainly agree with you Sir. We need to find who is behind all the other attacks like you said as suicide bombing, Target Killing,etc. Infact wehave to find the source of every attack or every type of conspiracy that harms our country in any way whether it is financial loss or loss of life.

  4. Ahmed 5 August, 2010 at 11:02 Reply

    Beli Sahab u r very right..
    we r fighting with our own brothers.

    last night i was watching a Talk Show on ARY news and they were discussing the situation of khi n the leaders from PPP, ANP n MQM were invited in tht show.. every 1 is blaming on Others. PPP was emphasizing that our Judiciary is not strong and this is all happening because of Talibans. On the other side ANP was saying Hamare 123 Kaarkun k khoon ka badla kon dega??.. n MQM was saying indrctly that the Representatives of ANP in Sindh are not Honest and they are the reason of this target killing in KHI.
    Show Ended with No result n it has been happening from many many years. not a single talk show ends with the clear picture. These leaders n Our Media cant do anything until n unless we sit together n find the solutions. we r not fighting..actually the enemies of pakistan making Us to fight n look we r fighting!!!!

  5. Jagjit Singh 5 August, 2010 at 12:59 Reply

    Salam, Namastay and Sat Sri Akal to You all.
    I am very impressed by the cause and work, you are doing to unite whole pakistani people as ONE NATION regardless of their religious and ethnic origin, to make them only and only Pakistani. This was the vision and dream of Quaid-e-Azam, while he was struggling to create Pakistan. I am ready to support your cause by my heart and soul.
    Jagjit Singh Khalsa

  6. Rehan Ellahi 5 August, 2010 at 14:34 Reply

    Dear Beli,
    My family & I appreciate very much the efforts you are rendering and your endeavors towards a prosperous Pakistan . Lets implement the idea & the thought for the good sake of ourselves as Pakistani’s, as well as humans and above all as Ummat-e-Muhammad ( Muslims ).
    We should initiate & mingle with each other with positive thoughts & should firstly join in hands to help our brothers of flood victims providing them the basic neccessities for their living. This will enhance our patriotisim & motivation towards each other thoughts & problems. Together we can do & together we can deliver & thats what needed mostly.

  7. Mubashir Saigal 6 August, 2010 at 10:50 Reply

    Dear Abid,

    It is a good thinking, but what will be the end result of these baithaks. However these baithaks should be organize using internet like facebook, so that people from every part of our beloved country can participate.

    May Allah bless you.


  8. Kashif 18 August, 2010 at 17:40 Reply

    Dear Abid….

    It is the dream, it is the thought, it is the path to go for a happy, prosper and developed PAKISTAN.

    I was thinking to start such kind of BAITHAK from many years…. in my university I discussed it with my fellows…and finally I am happy that you started it and provide us a platform to come up with our thoughts and ideas to be unite, to be strong and to be a proud PAKISTANI.

    I am anxiously waiting to be a part of this BAITHAK.

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