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Be unite for our Flood Effected brother & Use technology for Best Result


As nowadays there is flood in our country & we need to talk on “How Technology can be helpful to tackle Flood”. A new very interesting service has been launched by Twitter with which we can collaborate in a very good way.

If you remember about last year when Flood came that in some areas more food was reached and in some areas there was no food available, in some areas relief workers were reached and in some areas they couldn’t reach the reason was lack of collaboration. Now a very good tool available via SMS that can help to increase collaboration and Twitter has launched it.

Watch that brief introduction of “How to use that service for flood effected areas”

If you are news reporter then you can subscribe or if you are common person and interested to know what is going on in flood affected areas. To subscribe it will cost you only one message but incoming is absolutely free. Our effort will be not to send so many messages to people, only forward very important messages, we know in some areas there is no electricity to charge Mobiles.


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