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Respected Member,

Its been an honor to be administrator of i own Pakistan and , while I see the respect and unity of our group I feel to be proud .

In introduction of I own Pakistan serial # 5 ( Till 2010 not a single Pakistani is poor or jobless. The whole nation happy and proud to be Pakistani)

I cannot promise nether I can say while seeing the situation of our country trade that its possible and 2010 is just near just after a month and half . Its clear that it will be not accomplish the desire vision till now but we can start now and share our services , product to make opportunity of business/ trade.

however , I want to be part of trade and I will create a platform for you to make sure you earn and become powerful then before by collaborating not only with me but with all Pakistan people by sharing services / product / technology where everything will be on fair deal both side. A real business for real people

I did send a business opportunity few days before for people who want to work in real estate or already doing its just who pick up and make out of it .
It not only real estate , it can be any product or services in real mean .

I want to know weather you are interested to do serious business with members of I own Pakistan which will act as tangible and real meaning.

people who are member of I own Pakistan that have prove that we are all one then why we also help each other by not just giving money for nothing but create work for people who want money and make every one busy in their desire field and create opportunity .

I will not continue till I received at least good % of Yes to proceed this services in I own Pakistan and provide a real platform for you .

We all have something special that sometime we know but some time we don’t even know then why not share with other might be there is some one who need it and give you what you need it .

By this we are all helping each other in respected manner where while just giving money become one way respect as a favor .

So What should I do . Starting working and work together or not ?

Best regards
Sami vohra


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  1. naveed zafar 9 January, 2010 at 20:45 Reply

    i am real estate agent and i want to work togather with you please give me more information.

    Naveed Zafar
    +92 333 5453569
    +92 051 4435724

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