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An Unsung Hero Capt. Ali Mehmood Shaheed


Captain Ali Mehmood Shaheed :
Ali embraced shahdat in mohmand agency the same day Lt .Yaser embraced in PNS mehran Attack but nobody acknowledged his sacrifice made for the motherland, non of the media and military personell came to Ali’s house for condelnce.. he is an unsung hero .. who needs to be acknowledged by the world in large.he made many achievments inhis life .. in the cadet life Ali was amongst the ardent and gentlemen cadets of PMA..during his final term in PMA , Ali was the ” prelim sergeant ” of are sum details abt Capt.Ali mehmood Shaheed

Captain Ali was brave son of the soil , He passed out from Pakistan Military Acadmey on 14 April 2007 and joined 8 NLI , He served in Siachin and Waziristan and Swat before joining SSG , He passed out from Special Operations School in March and joined 5 Commando Battalion. His unit was operating in Suran Valley, Upper Mohmand Agency . He was to conduct night operation, the task that was assigned keeping in mind his courage and devotion, he volunteered to take his troops into battle. His convoy was ambushed, he ordered to dismount taking up positions against the terrorists . He started firing and took on the terrorists , but and he was engaged by a sniper. He recieved a bullet in the neck and the other in the chest from the side of his body armor. He embraced shahdat on 22 May 2011 and proved his verve. This brave son of Pakistan was very popular amongst his coursemates for his motivation , dedication and devotion. Shaheed belonged to Lahore.

Personal Information:
Captain Ali Mehmood
Parent Unit : 8 NLI
Current Unit : 5 Commando Battalion ( officers advance commando course – 58 )
Course : 115 PMA Long Course
Company : Khalid Company , 1st Pakistan Battalion
Date of Shahadat : 22 May 2011
Place of Shahadat : Upper Mohmand Agency.
Martial Status : Single
Hard Areas Served : Siachin , Waziristan , Mohmand, Wana


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