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Amazed that why Muslims still silent on that.


Few days back President Barrack h. Obama, had ordered installations of special See-through Cameras. They`ll be installed in almost All Islamic Countries Airports on ASAP basis & the project will cost a mere Pak Rupee 90 Billion. This camera will not only provide the graphically sketched human body simulation but it will also add real-time colors to make it more real & accurate that it will show human bodies as if they are absolute naked. It will also show that the video is shown of People wearing nothing & in their natural nude postures.

To add more crisp to the graphical image you won’t require a licensed graphic software like Adobe Photoshop costing USD 800/-. It would just require normal easy graphical soft wares to interpret the capture image.

These images won’t be tolerable, for they are just one click away in order to expose People in obscene pictures. Such pictures of special projected areas of human body will definitely increase Sexual appeal, its not necessary to convert these pictures in to portrait as they are enough to give the exact pleasure.
While passing through these cameras a human body will be exposed to high frequency waves equivalent to 10,000 calls received on a Cellular Device. The toxic effect of these cameras is still un-known.

After testing 1-year in Islamic Countries Airports, the expert will make technical know-how on the harmfulness of these cameras. There are also cameras which help in Capturing X-rays like scans which will only show things carrying in Pockets & belts. But the lust of watching nudity & obscene images, will not give up unless they see MUSLIMs inside out. Initially it was said they will blur out genital of Men & Women, but now it’s been reported in a UK based Newspaper that it shows clear images almost real. One can also Export Images from the capture videos & lately can print them in true life color.

Oct 2008, when it was first installed in Melbourne Australia, they reported that when they tried to blur the genital areas of both Men and Women, they were compromising security. So they opted not to blur the images. Various newspapers discussing the blurring out images of your Sons & Daughter is just a big lie, when you and your family will pass through these cameras in airports the near room would easily watch naked postures capture through these cameras. Plus the monitoring people will take high interest in watching anything hidden between the genitals areas of the people passing by and these images can be translated in to full life printed pictures. So the security personal loaded with work can also take pleasure browsing of these pictures in their leisure time.

The plan is to install these cameras in every Muslim Country`s Airports & specially for U.S. Bound passengers. The passengers won`t be asked to strip out their clothes in front of the U.S. Embassy Personnel stationed in the airport. All they have to do is to pass through these cameras in Naked Formation. & on your return 1-of your relative stationed in Airport would hand over your family Nude picture. During the Christmas, Nigerian Passenger Abdul Mutalib who tried to blast the Airliner. He was mentioned that he took the explosive device in his underwear which was absolute non-sense. So they can get a chance of watching inside every muslim`s under-garments. This activity will only result in defamation of Muslim characters & a chance to capture Naked pictures of Muslims all over the world & also take Naked pics of our Muslim leader & black mail them for their different purposes.

Things to do:
1. Provide awareness of their intensions.
2. National & International Campaign of this un-wanted security checking scheme.
3. Activism against Women blasphemous & protecting our Muslim mother & sisters respect.
4. Children NGOS & their right protecting Organizations should step up.
5. Convincing Muslim Leaders to unite under 1-platform and protest against such act.
6. Muslims should seek Right to protect their respect & pride from their leaders.
7. Foundation of International Inter-religion harmony Organization which should help in protecting obscenity of this type.



  1. neel123 31 January, 2010 at 01:23 Reply

    Good !
    You muslims need not go to America or Europe.
    France is banning burqa, Italy is on the way, Switzerlad has banned minerettes. More will follow in future.

    You muslims should learn to live by the rules of other nations before you are allowed to go there.

  2. leena 1 April, 2010 at 09:23 Reply

    actually, whether you ban burqa, ban islam or ban minerets or dooms..or what ever,

    this is an established fact that you cant deny, islam will become the dominant religion by 2025 in accordance with the international research (and the researcher is not a muslim)..the drama of 9/11 is known to every sane human being on this earth..since then, islam is spreading…do what ever you love to do.

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